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Remember that foreplay is not the only important part of a good sex, after you've had fun and enjoyable sex, it's also very, very important. Remembering our seven golden moments in bed, this article about Making Love More passionate says that five minutes of romance afterwards makes a relationship happier. Women in particular, sometimes what they need most isn't necessarily during sex, but the five minutes afterward.

If you don't know what else to do in the post-play, let me give you some post-play tips to keep your relationship warm this winter.

1. Red wine with cheese.

After sex, you are bound to be a little hungry. At this time, you might as well open a bottle of red wine, order some cheese, or order a Pizza to be delivered. It is also a good choice for two people to enjoy this romantic night snack together in bed or on the sofa, because it can not only continue the warm heat, The antioxidants in red wine also boost blood circulation and have a relaxing effect, keeping your belly warm at night as well as your body.

2. Take a hot shower together afterwards.

In fact, bathing together after sex can increase the feelings of two people, each other will take a bath, massage can also continue the sense of intimacy, through the fall of hot water, in addition to the women can unload the tension of the ingredients, and then with massage, will be able to make two people more sublimated heat.

3. Turn off your cell phone, computer and 3C.

One of the most embarrassing parts of sex is when your cell phone rings, and you don't know whether to stop and take the call or just keep going. Why not put all communication products on hold before sex? Even after sex, it won't spoil the mood by making people want to confirm a call.

4. Don't get out of bed right after sex:

It's not necessary to hug, kiss or be intimate. But you can put one leg on your partner, or put your hand on his chest, or put your hand around her waist, and enjoy the quiet moment or the beauty of snuggling. This is also a good choice.

5. Romantic candlelight After the event.

Candles are arguably one of the most romantic gadgets around, but if you think you should only light them during foreplay, think again. In fact, lighting a fragrance candle after the event can not only enhance the romantic feeling, but also continue the warm feeling of the whole space, making people feel comfortable.

6. Time arrangement after sex.

If you want to have perfect sex with your partner today, it's advisable to schedule a date two hours after sex, whether it's with a friend, yoga class, etc., because getting out of bed right after sex can be a big turn-off.

7. Music is definitely the best tonic.

Romantic music can be played during foreplay, dynamic and passionate music can be played during sex, and relaxing and relaxing music can be played during the back play. Or you can play the two of you love music, or go to a concert together to enjoy the song, just listen to do not need to talk to close the distance.

8. Dress each other slowly.

You can also ask him to zip up your dress or adjust your collar for you. Dressing each other for each other is extremely intimate, because there's an element of appreciation in it, whether it's the performance of the other person during the sex, whether it's the performance of the other person, whether it's the performance of the other person, whether it's the performance of the other person, whether it's the performance of the other person, whether it's the performance of the other person.

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