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When you're in bed, it's all sound and no sound. Teasing, playing hard to get, orgasmic whispering, slutty talk make sex even more exciting. If you have trouble talking, let us organize three little skimming steps for you!

Sound is an essential part of sex for both parties, especially when you can't see clearly with the lights off. It's an important aphrodisiac, like watching A horror movie with the sound off so it's not scary at all, or a porn movie with no sound.

A passionate, pleasurable sex requires a combination of feelings, with groans and gasps as the essential ingredient. Coupled with the surging desire of foreplay, it makes it easier for both partners to be immersed in the excitement when the main act comes, but what exactly is the "name" for making love better?

Start with a gasp

No one can groan very loudly at the beginning, as soon as they take off their clothes, it will just make people feel very abrupt and twee, today is not A porn film really don't need to scream from the beginning to the end! A slow gasp from the foreplay is a feeling of impatience but impatience. When the other person hears your reaction, he will naturally be more excited and engaged!

Shout out with the movement

It's not a really loud "scream," either, but a groan, like the kind of slurred sound you'd hear in a novel: "Ummm... ummm... ahh... ahh..." ", as the body changes, and a little rhythm of the groan, coupled with the volume of loud and small, will be more emotional appeal than your random call, more stimulate each other's nerves, let you tightly intertwined together to enjoy the beauty of sex.

Join the wave flirting

In addition to wheezing and groaning, there is also an art to talking in bed. Simple words can make the other person feel more like, "want..." "Don't stop..." And so simple words, can make men sprint more powerful! If you feel too embarrassed to speak, start practicing by speaking in a small voice, or whispering in the other person's ear.

Although sex is a big aphrodisiac, but the premise is to call out from the heart, really comfortable or want to let yourself more input is not necessary, after all, the body is their own, do not need to meet each other every time to meet each other!

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