Sex toy machine

All our play toys come with instructions and labels/manuals for a better understanding of the product. Sex toys are extremely simple to use, but it's important to know that each product and what it does is different.

Whether you're a beginner or an avid collector, adult toys and accessories are only effective if used correctly. Before buying an entertainment toy, make sure you do some research beforehand. Read how the features of your chosen brand and specific product work, and watch videos of the same products.

Although the penetration toy is simple to use, its main function is to move back and forth. Vibrating toys (battery-operated) have different forces, speeds and functions, while non-vibrating dildos and massagers (manual functions) can be used as desired.

Anal toys like prostate massagers and butt plugs can be used with the help of a water-based lubricant to avoid any discomfort and focus on pleasure.

Non-penetrating toys, such as clitoral stimulators, and bondage accessories, such as handcuffs, gags, slings, and pain relief products, are understandable and flexible to use and can be tightened or loosened depending on one's comfort and fantasy.

Are sex toys safe to use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using sex toys?

As with any sex aid, knowing how to use it properly is key, and sex toys will be effectively provided for you to choose one that suits your needs. For example, if clitoral play is the only way to help you orgasm, you can turn to a clitoral stimulator.

Keep in mind that these touch the most sensitive parts of your body and you need to be motivated to use, clean and care carefully.

The best way to ensure safe use of sex toys

And be responsible for maintaining hygiene by making sure all your sex toys and accessories are kept clean, washed/patted/cleaned after each use, and always stored separately in a dry place.

Use condoms even on sex toys. Even if you clean them thoroughly and often to ensure prevention, it's best to always use condoms with penetrating toys, especially when sharing with your partner.

Use materials that are right for you and your partner, and no one is allergic to them. Silicone or glass toys work well, usually fit everyone, and are very easy to clean.

Porous materials are not the best idea because they tend to attract bacteria and cause infections when used. Check that the toy has a waterproof surface. Non-perforated toys are easy to maintain and have a longer shelf life.

What are the benefits of sex toys?

Toys encourage partners to engage in conversations that revolve around one's fantasies and desires, which can not only enhance relationships, but also promote overall sexual health.

Vanilla sex, while satisfying (or sometimes unsatisfying), can easily become monotonous. When you add something unique and fun to the mix, you'll enjoy a happy and healthy sex life.

One of the benefits that sex toys can bring to a person's life is that they improve the masturbation experience and help you control your sexual needs.

They are also believed to help you get better and achieve satisfying orgasms.
This perk favors women more, because one can't get pregnant with a happy toy that enjoys being away from worries.

What are the disadvantages of adult toys?

People can become addicted to these sexual objects, and frequent use can lead to an unusual attachment to the toy.

Using too many vibrating toys may cause numbness in sensitive areas. If certain parts, such as the clitoris or shaft of the penis, are subjected to strong vibrations, senses such as fingers or hands may not be numb.

This is a boon for a quick or masturbating toy. With the toy, the whole process of arousal and foreplay is greatly reduced by the partner, and the time needed to evoke yourself and your partner, and enough lubrication to enjoy the experience that follows, is taken away by the vibrating toy.

What do you need to pay attention to when using sex toys?

Indulging in sex toys can lead to a better and healthier sex life, but before you do, you need to know the safety of sex toys, whether they're for masturbation or couples.

Always use condoms. It helps keep products clean and long-lived, and also avoids bacteria and infections.

Sex toys must be used with your partner's consent. When having vaginal and anal sex, especially when sharing condoms with a partner, used condoms should be replaced with new ones. Taking the necessary precautions will not only ensure your safety, but also protect you and your partner from STDS and infections.

How to buy sex toys?

If you're a beginner, it's recommended to start small, whether you want to increase your alone time or add something special to your partner. Start with a massager and use it to explore your body instead of immediately using a plug in device. Don't be overwhelmed at first. Use a smaller dildo or vibrator to see how it works.

Once you've explored the strength and functionality of the toy and your skin is used to touch, feel, and vibrate, you can move on to investing in something stronger. It's a good idea to start with a toy that never vibrates, because the speed, strength, and power are still under your control.

How to clean sex toys?

Storage and cleaning play a very important role in keeping sex toys alive, and of course in preventing any infections or diseases.

Carefully wash each toy separately, depending on the material, wash it after each use and wipe it down before sharing (in case you don't use a condom).

Before cleaning a fully electric or automatic toy, remove the battery from the toy and wipe it clean with warm, soapy water (battery toys should not be submerged unless they can be taken apart and cleaned separately).

As for non-vibrating toys such as dildos, baby balls and penis rings, you can wash them after gently soaking them in mild, soapy water. Silica gel can be boiled in water to kill bacteria and germs.

Remember to store each toy or accessory separately, with a lid or wrapper, to avoid the accumulation of dust particles, especially if you invest in porous materials (it's best to avoid porous materials and invest in waterproof toys).