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Kegel balls, also known as vaginal dumbbells. It can assist in exercising the pelvic floor muscles and improving the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Long-term adherence to exercise can promote the firmness of the private parts and prevent the sagging of the pelvic organs.

 Exercise Kegel Balls For Female

But do you really know how to use Kegel balls?

1. Get to know Kegel balls

Kegel balls are placed in the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It is made of safe materials and carefully designed. A slender drawstring is connected to the end of the sphere, and there is a scale on it to indicate the depth in the vagina, which is convenient, simple and efficient to use.

2. The role of Kegel balls

Kegel exercises are simple and convenient, and are not limited by the time of the venue. But in reality, many women can't contract properly, or can't feel the effect of contraction. At this time, they need the help of Kegel balls.

Kegel ball is the best helper for Kegel exercise. It can help women find their pelvic floor muscles, make them contract correctly, and achieve the purpose of training pelvic floor muscles. Especially for women with postpartum vaginal relaxation, contraction exercises can be used to exercise pelvic floor muscles to help enhance vaginal firmness. Long-term adherence to Kegel exercises can prevent the occurrence of postpartum pelvic floor diseases, such as urinary leakage, prolapse, and disharmony in married life.

3. Types of Kegel Balls

There are two types of Kegel balls commonly used, which are divided into 1-5 balls. One is that the weight of 5 balls is increasing, but the volume is the same. The other is that the weight of the 5 balls increases and the volume decreases.

If you choose Kegel balls that are the same size, they may be too loose to grip the ball or too tight to fit in the vagina. In addition, with the passage of training time, the tightness of the vagina will also change, and the originally suitable ball may become unsuitable as the vagina becomes tighter and smaller, and the experience will deteriorate. Therefore, here Xiaojia recommends choosing five-ball combinations of different sizes. Exercise is done step by step. I believe that mothers will become tighter and tighter if they persist in exercising.

4. Correct use of Kegel balls

(1) Preparation before use

Choose a ball of appropriate size, and use lubricant to increase the degree of lubrication before use. Special attention needs to be paid here. Before the first use, do not wash the Kegel ball with disinfectant indiscriminately, so as not to stimulate the vagina and destroy the vaginal flora. After washing with clean water, let it dry naturally. Do not expose to the sun, do not wash with superheated water.

(2) How to use

Take the supine or squatting position, use the largest and lightest No. 1 ball, put the round end of the Kegel ball forward, insert the end of the ball about 1~2cm away from the vaginal opening, and then stand up (with your feet shoulder-width apart) Contract and relax the vagina and anus, and be careful not to contract and relax with the strength of the waist, abdomen and buttocks. If you contract the right way, the dumbbell will feel like it's going up.

If you can't grasp the timing and practice time, you can scan the QR code below, and according to the screen and voice prompts of the Lanting applet, contract the pelvic floor muscles, feel the ball rising, and then relax.
Note: When the ball cannot be clamped in a standing state, the supine position training is still performed. The ball does not fall out when standing, and after 2-3 days, you can practice walking, climbing stairs, coughing, jumping and other actions in sequence. The ball can be clamped when jumping, and the No. 2 ball can be changed after a period of time. And so on.

(3) Frequency of use

Each ball can be exercised for 2 weeks or more, do not rush to replace it, and exercise for 15-20 minutes each time.

(4) End of use

After training, gently pinch the stretch to remove the Kegel ball. Rinse with clean water and dry in the shade before putting back into the storage box. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Kegel Balls
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