Sex Machine Orgasm

Teach you how to completely own your her! This reminds the writer of a line he once saw in a French film; When the hero and heroine have an affair, the man said to the woman: "If I want to be alone, I will take her all; from head to foot." At that time, the author had a big piece of goose bumps! Now I invite you to enter this wonderful world together.

When you're in a state of ecstasy, the most pressing desire often comes from increasing your partner's excitement and then stopping, when her desire must have reached its peak! Tonight, try the trick that makes her throb!

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1. Face

Use two or three fingers in a circular motion.

  • Cheek →

    Draw circles while kissing lips, let her feel the sweet taste.
  • Ear →

    Touch your lips to her earlobe and kiss, nibble, and blow, creating a light tingling sensation.
  • Lip →

    Fingertips down along the lip line gently brush, then use the tip of the tongue to slide over the lip line, back and forth tease. (Same scene: Nine Ways to Kiss When You Don't Want to Stop)
  • Neck →

    Circle light brush, repeated several times.

2. Belly

In order from the edge of the briefs to the abdomen to the edge of the chest, from the bottom up to draw a circle of light brush, remember not to touch the chest.

  • Navel →

    Use the tip of the tongue to draw circles.

3. Breasts

Everyone has their own secret formula for breast caress. Don't stimulate your nipples. (Same scene: Breast sex is not a right for big boobs! 8 Breast Sex Tips You can Both Enjoy)

  • Breast →

    Use the finger abdomen clockwise circle from the outside to the inside (avoid the nipple) and then from the inside out, the same technique in the other side of the breast caress.
  • Areola →

    Make a circle around the nipple with your fingertips (note the nails) without touching the nipple. Repeat this several times as your body begins to wiggle and want you to touch her "pink spot".
  • Nipple →

  1. the thumb when the fulcrum between the two breasts, the use of the middle finger of the abdominal point touch light touch a few times and then knead pressure.
  2. Gently rub the nipple to make it more pointed.
  3. Lick first and then bite to stimulate her, let her feel the pleasure of slight pain.

4. Groin (triangle)

  • Groin →

  1. Open her legs a little, gently massage the groin with the palms of her thighs, one hand after the other.
  2. Slide the fingertips up and down, or you can tease her by drawing a circle (pay attention to strength and speed). Fast speed will make her feel itchy, so slow down the caress and observe her body reaction.

5. Pubic area

  • Size labia →

  1.  Open the tiger mouth of both hands, push the size of the labia, the rhythm is once a second, push, relax, push, relax, repeat the cycle of massage.
  2. With the thumb and index finger to the abdomen, together up and down knead the labia minora, so that her comfortable feeling doubled.
  3. Use the index finger and middle finger in the labia minora ridge sliding back and forth, the speed can be from slow to fast, this move is to attack the clitoris before the warm up, let her feel unprecedented feelings of euphoria. The wetness of the vagina at this time is to give you the best erotic feedback.

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