There are various physical sex dolls on the market, with prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.  The huge price difference lies not only in the height of the physical dolls, but also in the influence of the materials used to make them.  The price of physical dolls of different materials also varies greatly. The materials used for physical dolls on the market are generally platinum silica gel, silica gel and TPE.  The following is the difference between the three materials and the actual use of the effect  

1. Platinum silica gel  

Platinum silicone is high-grade imported silicone raw materials, a two-component curing agent made of molding, compared with tpe, environmental protection, high efficiency, tasteless, high level of health benefits, thus forming the product with high transparency, resistance to yellow, non-toxic tasteless, long service life and physiological inertia and biological characteristics of anti-aging, use rise more comfortable;  

Platinum silica gel, medical grade silica gel, food grade silica gel is widely used in medical and health supplies, daily necessities (such as silica gel kitchenware, silica gel gifts, etc.) these industries safety and environmental protection grade requirements of the industry;  

Two, platinum silica gel solid doll using platinum silica gel  

Advantages: health and safety, non-toxic without any peculiar smell, long service life, not easy to oil and deformation.  Materials can't be recycled, no scrap made from physical dolls;  

Disadvantages: slightly harder than TPE, high material cost, production waste and waste can not be recycled, resulting in high production cost of the doll, and the relatively high retail price of the doll is unacceptable.  

Suitable for use.  

Third, silica gel  

Ordinary silica gel is made of ordinary silica gel and traditional curing agent.  Its cost is relatively low, but it will slowly turn yellow after a period of use, and long-term use will weaken its physiological inertia.  

Ordinary silica gel is most commonly used in environmental protection industrial supplies, accessories and auto parts, electrical accessories;  

Four, silica gel used by the silica gel entity doll  

Advantages: healthy and safe, non-toxic without any peculiar smell, suitable for physical doll modeling, skin texture clear, delicate, realistic.  

Cons: Hard texture, not suitable for use, suitable for model photography etc.  

5, TPE  

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of rubber material with high elasticity, high strength and high resilience. It has the characteristics of injection molding.  Environmental protection, non-toxic and safe, a wide range of applications, with excellent color and luster, soft feel, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, no curing, recycling to reduce costs, both can be second injection molding, and can be coated with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other matrix materials, can also be formed separately.  

Six, TPE physics doll  

Advantages: the material cost is very low, the texture is slightly soft, the shape of the entity doll is cheap, popular products, more easy to accept.  Waste materials in the production process can be recycled many times, further reduce production costs, second-hand recycling can be reused.  

Disadvantages: The smell of the material is too strong to accept, the current flavor is also added, but the smell is too strong, it can also make people feel bad, health and safety concerns.  

7. Comprehensive analysis  

Platinum silicone solid doll, suitable for use, health and safety, long service life, no odor.  But high prices are not easy to accept;  

Silica gel solid doll is sanitary, safe and odorless.  The skin texture is clear and fine, but the texture is too hard to use.  Suitable for model photography collection and so on.  

Tpe physical doll texture is slightly soft, the price is very low, more acceptable, but the smell is too big, the service life is not long.