Women Sex Machines

Men and women are really different. If you want to arouse a woman's lust, the key factors are whether the feeling at the moment is right and the person is right, but what about men? If you want to take the initiative to tease a man, you must make good use of the man's visual experience!

What is the purpose of molesting a man? I think this should be thought about first. What you want is to be loved? Or address your libido? Or is it just for fun when you are lonely? Because of different purposes, there may be different ways.

Basically it's important to know your strengths, and then play with them appropriately. For example, men like my eyes, and I will pay special attention to the eyes in terms of visual performance.

Getting naked is not a kind of molestation, but dressing neatly and making the other person want to throw you down is a successful molestation. Therefore, it is not to open yourself nakedly, but to let the other party be attracted step by step, which is the fun.

How do you flirt when you're fully dressed? Use body language to help, of course. A sexy body movement can make a man have sexual fantasies. Try the following basic versions of molesting actions!

Put finger on lips:

Putting your finger lightly between the upper and lower lips or the lower lip will draw the man's attention to your slender hands and lips. Just let it go naturally, and don't bite your nails or bite your lower lip to show a springy expression. The more natural the teasing is, the better.

Cheek rest and gaze:

With a little lazy or coquettish cheek support, supplemented by a focused and serious gaze. Men like to feel adored or valued, so if you don't know what to respond to when he speaks, just listen and stare! Remember, chin rest must be combined with gentle gaze.

Gently brush your hair:

Adjust the action according to different hairstyles. For example, if you have natural straight long hair with a little fluff, the posture of pulling your hair back from the top of your head really has a special flavor. If you have short hair, you can use the motion of tucking your hair behind your ears. Medium-length hair is quite suitable for side-turning, and it is also the most beautiful to expose the ears and neck inadvertently. The action of tying the ponytail with bare hands can reveal the lines of women's shoulders and necks and the back of the neck that makes many ponytail-obsessed men crazy.

Make good use of sound

In addition to body language, facial expressions are also important. If you are endowed with a natural sound quality, you only need to slow down your tone and soften your voice to reveal elegant and sexy. Close to each other's shoulders, talk close to each other's ears, there is a taste of whispering. The lazy murmur when you want to sleep or just wake up, the voice has a sense of defenselessness, and it is also a skillful teasing!
 Kegel Balls
Taking out sex toys in front of him will also make his blood spurt, so why not try it.