Everyone has their own sexual fantasies, but very few people actually talk about them, especially in the UK. The British reluctance to talk about sex often leaves people feeling isolated. Let's say no one else has the same fantasy we do. But what if they're more common than we first thought?

According to experts, here are the most popular sex addictions in the UK, including sex movies, sex role-playing and foot fetishes.

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1. Filmed sex scenes
Smartphones have made it easier to film sex, so everyone can do it in the comfort and privacy of their home. Filming you having sex with your partner is mischievous and voyeuristic in nature. If you want to make your own sex video, all you need is a camera phone and a tripod. If not, get creative and use a stack of books as a tripod to get the show started. You may find yourself or your partner coming up with some extra tricks to make yourself look better on camera and enhance your pleasure.

2. Participatory role play
Cosplay comes in many different forms, so it's no surprise that it ranks as the number one sexual fetish. Role-playing is known to enhance arousal, but also as a form of escapism. Being able to fantasize about certain scenarios, such as teachers/students, bosses/employees, etc., gives us a little stimulation. We can escape from the world for a while and lead a dissolute life

3. Leather rope abuse
Another of the most popular sexual fetishes is BDSM, which is a catch-all term for restraint/discipline, control/submission and abuse/abuse. BDSM can include bundling, power games, or a whole bunch of different things. To start with the sexy world of BDSM, you might want to start with some toys. Whether it's a few naughty restraints or toys that can turn pain into pleasure, trying out new sex toys and accessories can help you tackle a fetish you never knew you had.

4.To be spanked
Spanking is another common fetish for those who don't want to delve into BDSM, but still have some interest in what it has to offer. The most popular part is the joint between the thigh and hip, a sensitive but meaty area that can be played all night. People who use whips and eyelashes, it's a huge turn-on. They are most often used in foreplay, but they can even be used in certain positions in a performance, such as dog pose. You may also want to decide on a safe word ahead of time in case you or your partner feels too strong.

5. Foot fetishes
Foot fetishes are probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think of kinks. Maybe that's why it's so popular. A foot fetish can be about anything from sexy leather shoes to being stepped on and even kissing or fondling someone's feet. Not only is it a common fetish in its own right, it's also the most fetishistic body part after the genitals.

6.Rubber and leather
Fetishes are not just about activity. Sometimes, a fetish can start with something simple, like wearing a certain material. Latex and leather are very popular fetishes, whether it's an all-latex soft suit or a skimpy leather underwear suit. The look, feel, and even smell of these materials can be off-putting to anyone with a passion for them. With the growing popularity of leather clothing, it has become a mainstay in lingerie shops.

7. The desire to express yourself
Nudity is one of the most popular sex habits in the UK, along with a very British word :dogging. The British have been known to drive their cars to specific spots, park them and have sex in the car, allowing onlookers waiting in the parking lot to enjoy each other. Stalking, however, is just one form of exhibitionism. Any form of sexual intercourse in front of another person is a very common fantasy, with the potential pleasure of being caught. Of course, indecency in public is against the law. But that doesn't seem to have stopped the British public from trying it. In fact, 43 per cent of Britons admit they have had sex outdoors.

The film is not about investing in a new sex swing, although that would be fun too. Swingeing is when couples or married couples meet with other partners and "swap" sexual partners overnight. Sometimes, it can mean four or more people -- between husband and wife, or two people watched by the remaining partner. Again, it takes a little experiment and a willing couple to find something that really pushes people forward.

9. Group
Even for those without a partner, group sex itself is one of the most common sexual habits in the UK. Couples invite unicorns for threesomes, and many end up sharing a bed on a sweltering night. The possibility remains. Inviting new people into the bedroom, or just having two or three times as many body parts to play with, can be a very exciting experience.

10. Water sports
This may be the most surprising of all these fetishes, but it works just as well as all of the above. Water sports is a shy term that refers to being aroused when you pee around or on your partner. It takes some getting used to and a little preparation, but it often stems from the same power that fuels BDSM fetishes.

Want to try it?

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Only by exploring, can you find out if your secret fantasy is as good in real life as it is in real life. Don't waste time, start playing today!