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Who says autumn is a lonely season? This fall, throw yourself into the fall aesthetic and make sex special. Light a sweet joss stick, play relaxing romantic music, and try some fall sex! Here are 11 "fall sex positions" that will help you feel in perfect harmony during the long night.


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Fall sex position recommendation 1: "Sidewalk" oral sex

Put his mouth on her vulva and suck a little. Men sway their heads from side to side as if sweeping the floor, sucking gently, keeping the suction. Gently flick your tongue or touch the upper vaginal wall with lubricated fingers.

Fall sex position recommendation 2: caramel apple

In sex, "uncertainty" tends to boost the sex drive of both partners. Sit a man in a chair, cuff his wrists behind his back, and let him know that you will serve him well. Slide the penis up and down with your mouth, wrapping your thumb and forefinger around the base of the penis in sync with your mouth.

Fall sex position recommendation 3: Get hot and dry

Sensory stimulation is especially important during sex. Have your partner lie flat with their eyes closed and try to stimulate their senses. Light a joss stick, whisper something romantic in their ear, put something on their lips, and let them lick it off. Finally, pour warm lube on their penis and vulva, then ride on it to give yourself an orgasm.

Fall sex position recommendation 4: Autumn wind.

The person is sitting on the floor with his legs in front of him and his feet on the sofa. Then the partner gently lowers his body and puts his legs over his shoulders in a V shape. I want you both to lean on the couch. Hold your hands up and swing them back and forth, looking like a "leaf" fluttering in the wind.

Fall sex position recommendation  5: The Cultivator

Like a woman's cart, in the south place your elbows or hands on the ground and your legs around your hips. The man holds the woman's leg or buttocks for support, controlling the speed and depth of the push.

Fall sex position recommendation  6: Back position

Spread the woman's legs, even behind her partner. Use the man's fingers to stimulate the woman's clitoris and feel the heartbeat of both partners through extensive physical contact to experience the pleasure of sex.

Fall sex position recommendation 7: love entanglement

Guide your partner with your hands, hook your thighs back, around their hips, and press them deeper. The other person can grab your chest, stretch between your legs, or just hug you tightly. Try to look back at the person so he can look you in the face when you reach orgasm.

Fall sex position recommendation 8: affectionate kiss

This position is suitable for "halftime". Sit on your partner's lap and face him so you can get closer. This time let us deep kiss!

Fall sex position recommendation  9: Sexy Snuggle

Lie face to face, look at each other, hug each other. Then hook your legs, cross their hips, move slowly and shake against them, then kiss each other deeply, feel their temperature, this is a good way to communicate.

Fall sex position recommendation 10: V position

Sit your partner on the edge of the bed and straddle them. It can be inserted backwards with the head facing the floor. Holding someone's hand is as much about balance as it is about feeling love.

Fall sex position recommendation  11: Hug position

A warm fire is the best way to set the mood. Lie face down on the bed, bend your knees, legs wide apart. Then the person comes in from behind and gets on top of you, allowing them to freely kiss your neck and whisper in your ear.

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