Homemade Sex Machine

Eat drumstick lunch everyday, how did time grow not be bored with? But if sex is confined to the room, it won't last long! Here are a few places you can spice up sex outside of bed and at home. Use every nook and cranny of the house to unleash your passion demons with your significant other!

"Family Sex corner" recommendation 1: Sitting Room Sofa

After Sunday brunch, the two of them were on a small couch... Put the pillow on your back as much as possible. This position can make it easier for women to reach orgasm. You can also lean on the couch, support yourself, and insert with your back so you can enjoy her delicious butt. Plus you can pat her, and you have a lot of energy when you sprint.

"Family Sex corner" recommendation 2: Bathroom

The humidity and heat of the bathroom can make sex all the more exciting, whether it's in the shower together or in the shower together. Even if you put on clothes, you will be splattered and soaked, and the curve of the carcass will be looming, and the process will be more sexy.

"Family Sex corner" recommendation 3: Table

The appetizing table is a very fresh place to make love! If the height of the counter allows, girls can try to sit on the edge of the table and spread their legs. This was just high enough for the man to stand upright and they embraced. How romantic!

"Family Sex Corner" recommendation 4: In Front Of The Mirror

If you have a mirror at home, you might as well have transparent and perfect sex in front of the mirror. In front of the mirror, perfectly show yourself as one with each other and enjoy the good time during sex.

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