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You may think that hand sex is not as exciting as mouth sex or sex, but the hands actually arouse more sexual desire than mouth or pussy. Besides, hand love is a safe sex and you can learn how your partner likes to be touched through hand love.

To have a great hand love experience, there are 5 basic points and 8 moves to bring back the passion and fun of love!

Step 1: Lubricating oil

Lubricating oil can make the hand love feeling better!

Step 2. Don't just dive in with your hands

Touch your thighs or inner thighs flirtatiously. These gentle touches make your partner feel numb and sensitive and full of wanting you.

Step 3. Watch expressions and reactions

Watch your partner's facial and physical reactions, listen to her groan or wheeze, and make sure your actions don't ruin the sex.

Step 4. Change the way you touch

Change the way you touch to keep him awake and sensitive.

Step 5. Watch your breath change

When he is about to reach orgasm, watch for changes in his breath, twitches, moans, etc. This is the signal that orgasm is approaching.

1.Seven strokes up and down

Give him a little "SHH" and get him ready to enjoy the rest of the sex. Stroke up 7 times with your hands and down once. If your partner likes it, he will show you that he wants to do it more.

Then you can give each other a lot of pleasure by pressing harder and faster, or occasionally touching him backwards (to calm him down a bit).

2.Double swing

If you're having woman-to-woman sex, try the mirror handedness. Kneel down facing each other and use two fingers to make the "peace sign" and dab each side of your partner's labia.

At the same time, slide the curved thumb inwards and gently rub her vagina. To make it more intense, hold her hand up and down a little.

3.Straddle riding

If you have an active partner, he will love to straddle you. Try touching his penis up and down with your hands, letting it slide on your face.

Warning: If you don't like semen on your face or chest, be sure to move!

4.Hand in the shower

This works well in the shower. Lubricate with soapy water and use your partner's body to scrub all over.
Stand within arm's reach of your partner and gently rub her chest (use a mild soap and lather!).

5. Master caress

Enjoy different angles of stroking and thrusting by holding your body in the dog crawl pose! This can make a difference for you and your partner.

6.The caress of the triangle

Kneel down in front of your partner and give him a hand. Use sex toys to spice things up. If with a male partner, use a massage stick; If you're with a female partner, use a finger vibrator.

While gently stroking your partner, squat on your massage stick and vibrate up and down. Use small toys to make hand love fun.

7. Foot fetish

If your partner is a foot fetish, satisfy his desires with your hands and feet! If you are having sex with a male partner, place your foot near his penis when you stroke him.
If you're having sex with a female partner, move your heels over her clitoris and glide in a circular motion. If he likes your scent, slide your foot over his face so he can suck your toe.

8.Tunnel of love

Hand grease, circle into a "tunnel" shape, and lie on your side position, your partner will first into your "tunnel" like palm, then into your pussy.

For more exciting sex, you can hold an electric massage stick and let his penis and your clitoris enjoy the pulsating electric current.

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