Fast Fucking Machine

It's finally Christmas party night at the end of the year! Are you guys and girls ready for the sexiest look that's going to wow them? Assuming you've found your "man" for the night, how can you successfully get him to come to you in a party where the lights are on?

Here are six flirting tips for your party! Tonight, let him forget you!


bbw fuck machine


1. You definitely need confidence and a little boldness

Put on your favorite perfume and say to yourself, "I am sexy, and any man will look and talk to me, they are so lucky!" Your confidence will make you feel at home! Oh, and don't forget to warm things up with a glass of champagne

2. Follow the two-second rule

When you've locked on to your target, smile and stare at him for two seconds (try your best to charm him, but remember, it's only two seconds!). . You wait, the guy will come to you.

3. Let your sisters be your reinforcements

Keep a sister or two as crazy and funny as you; A group of sexy women will have an easier time catching a man's eye! Also remember to set them up: When you have a target, they will tacit back into the corner.

4. Catch flirting hot spots

It sounds like a trite meme: Find a topic of common interest. However, in a loud, noisy party situation, if the conversation is all about the wine, the music, this girl and that guy, hey, he will soon forget whether you are Amy or Jane! You should try to find topics in the conversation that you can connect with. You will find that this will make your flirting with him much easier!

5. Be a beautiful and sexy listener

A big part of flirting is making your partner feel like he's at the center of the universe, with all things and eyes focused on him. Try asking a few questions, listening to his thoughts, and responding gently.

6. If there is no physical contact

Don't forget to naturally reach for his shoulder or make a casual physical touch during the conversation. He must love it!

Finally, don't forget the most important: If something doesn't feel right, leave. Don't waste each other's time! Assuming you realize that this is not the person you want to talk to and drink with tonight, try to find a way out for both yourself and your partner. You might tell him, "I'm meeting my friends at another bar. Nice to meet you today!" Don't be shy, hey, think about how you dressed up for the night, you should make every second perfect!

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