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1. Change sexual positions

During sex, men change positions in order to please their female partners, so that they can have sex for longer and seek a more suitable position. It also increases sexual stimulation and makes sex more enjoyable. But men need to ask their female partners before changing their sexual positions, do not do difficult sexual positions, so as not to harm the sexual organs.

2. Sleep after sex

After a round, the tense muscles and tension will slowly relax, and the excited neurons will gradually return to normal, resulting in a feeling of sleepiness. In general, the rapid onset of neuronal inhibition in males indicates that their functional repair ability is strong.

3. Eat before sex

Studies have found that the more you eat before sex, the less excitement you feel during sex. This is because after a meal there is a lot of blood flow to the digestive system to help digest the food and not enough blood flow to the rest of the body, making it harder for neurons to fire and affecting the quality of sex. Do not overeat before sex, eat seven cents full. Sex should be scheduled for one to two hours after eating.

4. Don't drink cold drinks

Many people get thirsty after sex and immediately reach for a cold drink to quench their thirst, but this can do serious damage to the body. Because the gastrointestinal blood vessels and gastric mucosa have not returned to normal after sex, drinking cold drinks immediately will irritate the stomach wall, which can cause stomach cramps or cramps.

5. Control your sex time

In many people's minds, the longer sex is the better, but this is totally wrong. The best sex time should be 7 to 15 minutes, more than 15 minutes can produce a sense of burnout, so that the sexual organs continue to be in a state of congestion, affecting the health of the sexual organs. Having sex for too long can also cause the body to overwork itself, making it difficult to recover both strength and energy.

6. Control the ambient temperature of sex

Many people turn on the air conditioner to cool off from the constant sweating during sex in the hot summer, but too low a temperature can slow blood circulation throughout the body, making nerves hypersensitive and affecting the quality of sex. Keep the room temperature between 27 and 28 degrees Celsius during sex to keep your body and mind at their best.

Proper sex is good for the health of the body, because the harmonious sex life can make the nervous nerves get relaxed, improve the quality of sleep, assist the treatment of insomnia. In addition, appropriate sex can also promote endorphin secretion, can reduce the sense of pain, from a certain extent has the analgesic effect.

You can also use sex toys or sex machines to stimulate your partner's senses and give her the ultimate sensory experience.