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Many women reject breast sex, but breast sex is actually very can increase the interest of sex small game, breast sex is not the privilege of big breasts, no matter the size, master a good way, two people can feel wonderful unique taste. Let's see how breast sex takes it to the next level!

Bring the most comfortable part of the glans to the front of the nipple, lift the penis with your hand, and use the reaction force to release the hand and let the penis fall down and tap the nipple. Tap hard, as if to knock the nipple into the breast, with the inside of the glans against the nipple.

Glans and nipples collide, can enjoy instant collision pleasure. The woman smiles and enjoys the clash between the nipple and the penis while feeling pleasure. This nipple game is a pleasant way to communicate.

Hit me a little more with your penis

When you rub your penis against your nipple to this extent, it turns into a happy erotic game. As we all know now, the most pleasant part of the penis is the inside of the glans, with the most happy inside of the glans 360 degrees rotation, rubbing the nipple, the penis will be very comfortable, the nipple will be very comfortable, is both happy and exciting way of communication. Because it is comfortable, you might accidentally laugh.

Women also like to be hit by an erect penis. It's tempting to say "hit me more" when a man taps his cheek or buttocks during fellatio (laughs). The women I spoke to said they wanted to see what it felt like to have their nipples hit by the glans.

Rub the head of the glans on both nipples at the same time

If the woman has a large chest, you can use both hands to squeeze the chest toward the center, while rubbing the head of the glans against the nipple. The sensation of having both clitoris rubbed against the glans at the same time is the clairhyide-clitoris rubbed against the nipple. If this is the case with the techniques described above, the smile should have disappeared from the woman's face and she should indulge in clitoral pleasure while savoring the touch of the penis with her nipples. Sometimes gently impact, friction, sometimes again hard impact, friction.

The ultimate technique is rubbing your penis against your nipple and chest at the same time. Place the penis between the cleavage of the large breasts, squeeze the chest toward the center with both hands, swing the waist, rub both nipples with the penis, and rub the chest with the glans at the same time. When the breasts are squeezed, the nipples need to be close enough together to perform this technique. The nipples are pleasurable, and the sensation of rubbing the glans against the breasts while the penis is touching the nipples is addictive.

Use both hands to squeeze your chest toward the center, bringing your nipples close together. Prick and rub the nipple at the front of the glans, and the nipple will be pushed to the inside of the chest. Swing the waist quickly with small movements, piercing and rubbing the nipple. Rub the inside of the glans against the upper side of the two nipples, and you can get a very strong feeling on both sides. This is an advanced technique for rubbing nipples, but the most powerful technique is to use large breasts to rub both breasts and nipples at the same time.

The woman's chest is rubbed by the penis, while the two nipples are rubbed by the glans, which feels really comfortable. Men get to rub their penis against their nipples and feel their glans wrapped around their breasts. If you rub your penis in a big motion, you can both enjoy it for a long time. I recommend that you try it.

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