These days, anal sex seems more popular than ever. Once taboo, it is now screamed out in movies and TV shows, while anal instructions appear in even the most mainstream magazines. It seems that when it comes to sexual pleasure, more and more people are discovering the orgasmic potential of the buttocks!

As anal sex has grown in popularity, so has the sex toy industry! While butt plugs and anal beads have been around for years, over the past decade the industry has seen an explosion of features, including powerful vibration modes, rotations, hook kits, remote controls, and high-tech rechargeable anal gaming gadgets!

With all that in mind, today, we're going to give some love to the thrusting anal dildo. We know that even those who master the anal game may be unfamiliar with the concept of butt toys that can do this beloved thrust action all by themselves, but they're always there and getting better all the time. Today's adult toy market offers a range of thrust toys in different sizes, shapes and prices, and anal toys are no exception. So let's talk about the best thrusting dildos and anal toys. What are these? How do they work? How do you find the best fit for you? There's more!


An anal pushing dildo is a toy designed to stimulate the anus with a powerful anal pushing movement. In addition to shapes similar to traditional vibrating dildos (e.g. , you can also find butt plug toys with insertion mechanisms or pulsating actions. Toys designed for anal stimulation often have a flared base or suction cup base to hold the plug-in vibrator securely outside the body while anal use is in place.

Thrust toys provide an up-and-down or back-and-forth movement that can be compared to anal sex. In addition, some dildos inserted into the anus come with high-end extras like vibration, rotation, a range of vibration and insertion modes and insertion speeds, remote control, USB charging, waterproof body, and more! These features not only make it easy for users to use the toy (a remote control means no need to reach out and adjust Settings!) And it can make them feel more stimulated than ever. Seriously, anal penetration + vibration + rotation = next level of experience!

If all this sounds overwhelming, don't worry, one of the great things about today's pushy anal toys is that you get to choose how you use them! Don't you want to feel all at once? No problem! Play what works for you at your own pace.

If you're still wondering "what is a thrusting vibrator or dildo?" To learn more, please read our linked blog.


Okay, you're ready to try a dildo, but how do you do it? Good news! It's almost entirely up to you! In addition to the few safety precautions we cover here, you are the captain of your own yacht! So, let's talk about how to safely and happily use a toy inserted into the anus.

Make your selection with safety in mind! 

As we mentioned earlier, you want any toy you put on your ass that has a horn base or a powerful suction cup mounted on it. Why is that? In short, toys can get stuck in the rectum and require medical intervention to get them out, which is not fun. So eliminate that possibility from the equation by using a toy that is securely attached to the outside of the body!

Keep things slippery

We think lubricants are great! It keeps the body smooth and comfortable, which is good for any sexual activity. When it comes to butt games, however, lubricant is non-negotiable. While the vagina can lubricate itself, the anus can't, so you always want to have plenty of lubricant when you have anal sex.

Go slow

Especially if this is your first time using a push-pull toy, you want to give your body enough time to warm up, relax, and get comfortable before you push and pull! Try a pre-insertion massage with greased fingers or a vibrating toy. As you get more comfortable, you can slowly try to insert your toy and then add vibration, rotation or realistic propulsion actions. Take your time. Your ass will thank you!


There are a few things you need to consider when shopping for the perfect insert dildo. You want to know what material you want to use for this dildo insertion. Silicone is ideal for anal toys because it is both soft and comfortable, strong and practical, and easy to keep clean.

In addition, you need to think about what your shopping budget is, think about what functions your toys have, and be aware of the size and shape you like to ensure comfortable use. There are many toys out there, but with a little thought and planning, you can find the push-anal toy that's best for you!


This is when you can really try! Finding the best position for you with an inserted dildo can involve some interesting exploration!

You can choose a toy with a suction cup base, or a large body that sits on a bed or floor so you can climb onto the plane and control the depth of penetration. Maybe you'll find happiness by sitting on your lap and inserting your toy so you can enjoy a more intense stabbing sensation. Or you might like the dog pose, where you (or your partner) can play with the toy exactly. In addition, AMAB(male assigned at birth) men may get extra sexual pleasure by leaning forward and aiming thrusters at the prostate. You have plenty to choose from!

Many of us have certain habits about whatever we do regularly, and masturbation is no exception. If you usually stick to one position when playing with yourself, keep in mind that by mixing thrusters, you may get more. Try using it in a few different locations to see what works best for you.

In addition to toys specifically designed for anal sex, you can also experiment with thrusters with clitoral stimulators. These are usually shaped like super put rabbit vibrators, which are used on the anus, as they can be fun to stimulate the clitoral arms to make insertion into the toy anal-safe and can easily locate stimulation of the perineum (the spot is located halfway between the genitals and anus, sometimes referred to as the "taint").

Finally, remember that while using an insertion toy alone can be a lot of fun, it can also take your partner to the next level. There are many things you can try. If your insert-sex toy has a remote control, you can hand it over to your partner and let them be responsible for passing on your simulation. You can also experiment with an anal insertion toy, such as double insertion or prostate stimulation during oral or sexual intercourse. You and your partner can try a lot of things together, so don't be afraid to try!


Thrusting anal dildos and plugs are a fun and exciting way to incorporate some experimentation into your sexy time, and now that you know the facts, you can check out pink Cherry's huge selection of insert vibrations and see what you want to try!