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Scientists have confirmed that sex is an indispensable part of life because it not only improves mental state,but also contributes to overall physical health.Most people need sex as much as they need it instinctively.This article will tell you five things to avoid before having sex. Stop being such a wet blanket!

1. Too full to sleep.

Eating too much can make you sleepy and lazy, especially if your stomach is full of high-carbohydrate, high-fiber foods. Remember that too! Avoid eating too many high-carbohydrate and high-fiber foods two to three hours before sex, as this may cause bloating. If you're feeling really hungry, try a small bar of dark chocolate instead. Chocolate also helps to boost your mood. If you don't have a sweet tooth, eat nuts, seeds and a big glass of water to cheer you up.

2. Eating peppermint reduces sexual stimulation

Everyone wants to look good, smell good or have good breath when having an intimate relationship, but it's not recommended to eat peppermint beforehand because it contains menthol, which can cheer you up but also lower your testosterone levels. You can use mouthwash instead, or simply brush your teeth.

3. Smoke for a while, regret for a lifetime.

The media, movies, music or books have fooled us into thinking that regular smoking and drinking is normal, especially for men. The opposite is true. For all intents and purposes, alcohol and cigarettes are considered poisons. Studies have shown that smoking reduces the efficiency of blood flow. While it can boost temporary libido, avoid long-term dependence on the aphrodisiac effects of smoking.

4. Sex is not routine

A variety of tastes is key to maintaining a rich sex life, and every once in a while some creativity might save your sex life. It's all very well being committed to one person for life, but no one wants to be in sync with one another in their sex life, because such a sex life would be boring and unenjoyable for both parties in the long run. So you can "annoy" the other person by changing the location, dressing up, setting up a different scene, or sending a provocative message!


5. Don't worry about your body.

The beautiful photos we are exposed to in our lives cause us to project a lot of images of perfect bodies without realizing that they are all the result of photoshop. Everyone looks different in life. Whether it's the size of your legs, the curves of your body, or flawless skin, there is no standard definition of "perfect." So instead of worrying about your lack of good looks, go out of your way to prepare some great lines that compliment your partner on how great, beautiful, and special they are. It also helps to increase libido. Learn to relax and open up your awareness of your body. Which area is more sensitive and deserves more attention? It's more important to be positive about sex and then enjoy the process.