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Clinical encounter a lot of patients, the speed of ejaculation is too fast, lovers are not satisfied, can not achieve the best part of sex. Especially when it comes to women who take a long time to have sex to reach the best part, male patients are more stressed. This sexual asynchrony gives many men headaches and even frustrations. As a result, some people treat sex life as a heavy task, and can not realize the happiness that harmonious sex life brings to both husband and wife.

Most men always want to take various measures to delay ejaculation. Some people do not ejaculate, but forbear not to ejaculate will lead to excessive pelvic congestion, adding to the burden of the nervous system and sexual organs. After ejaculation in normal people's sexual life, the body fluid in the sexual organs is fully excreted and gradually weakens, and soon the blood flow in the penis returns to normal. If ejaculation is artificially interrupted, the recovery of blood flow in the sexual organs slows down, resulting in persistent hyperemia.

On the one hand, excessive congestion in the pelvic cavity reduces male libido and fails to enjoy sex life, which is easy to induce erectile dysfunction; on the other hand, it is easy to induce reproductive system infections, such as chronic prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, resulting in discomfort such as frequent urination, urgent urination and hemospermia. The male physiological and anatomical structure tells us that if the integrity of the normal anatomy of the bladder neck is destroyed, the failure to ejaculate may lead to semen "through the back door" and retrograde ejaculation, that is, semen enters the bladder and then excreted out of the body with the urine. Because sperm cannot enter the vagina and combine with the egg to form a fertilized egg, a woman cannot become pregnant.

So, is there any scientific and effective training method to help men get rid of the trouble of ejaculating too fast? Some medical experts believe that, fundamentally speaking, premature ejaculation is due to the low threshold of stimulation needed during ejaculation, and invented the "behavioral therapy of premature ejaculation" according to this theory. The approach they advocate is intended to raise thresholds and eliminate the link between sexual stimulation and ejaculation. 

The specific methods are as follows:

  1. stimulate the penis to the extent that it is about to ejaculate;
  2. stop the stimulation until the excitement of the most exciting part decreases;
  3. stimulate the penis again. 
  4. this is repeated many times until the man can withstand a lot of stimulation without ejaculation. 
  5. In addition, you can also use the method of pulling the scrotum and your lover to use penile pinching and squeezing, so as to reduce excitability, delay ejaculation and have the effect of treating premature ejaculation.
You can also use sex toys or sex machines to stimulate your partner's senses and give her the ultimate sensory experience.