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Advanced finger-pointing techniques can not only increase a woman's pleasure, but also enhance the sexual experience. In most sexual situations, dexterous fingers can be more useful than a meat stick, making women more stimulated!

The following is "love tips", engaged in preparation, technique to speed are fully explained, first try couples do not fear to do wrong!

Tip 1: Prepare beforehand

Keeping your nails short, rounded, and hands well washed is basic preparation to prevent germs on your fingers from infecting your delicate vagina. In addition, vaginal skin is very delicate, dead skin on the hands or spines are very likely to cut the vagina, causing broken skin or tear.

Tip 2: Understanding vulva

The clitoris is a woman's sexual pleasure center, and it has thousands of nerve endings, so it's very sensitive, and despite its very small appearance, it actually extends into the pelvic region and around the vagina.

However, in addition to the clitoris, the vulva is also an area that needs stimulation. Don't start off by blasting those thousands of super-sensitive nerve endings. It's not just unpleasant, it's uncomfortable. Touch and caress other areas of the vulva to relieve clitoral irritation.

Tip 3: Enough lubrication

The wetter the vagina or the fingers, the more satisfying the touch. Vaginal moisture can be affected by your body and can be decreased or increased by hydration, hormones, medications, and stress. Rather than risk changing all of this, it's better to use a little external aid, namely a lubricant or lube.

Tip 4: Slow Down

If love is like a running race, then love is like a marathon! So don't give a lot of stimulation at once like sprinting, but gradually increase the strength of the finger touch. Scientific experiments have shown that it takes about 15 minutes of sustained stimulation to reach orgasm.

Don't just start clitoral stimulation. Instead, do it slowly, catch your partner's attention, build tension, and then warm up the reaction behind you before accelerating to orgasm.

Tip 5: Find your Pace

After knowing the speed of progress, the "route" of progress is followed. Think of the whole pussy as a "target," moving from the outside in.

If your partner is enjoying being caressed, caress the pubic bone, labia, and perineum. To get your partner aroused, touch the clitoris with an extra finger, but don't go in, like the tickling and tingling sensation of a feather on the skin.

By this time, your partner should be getting more and more excited. So you can start targeting stimulus regionally. Just make sure to keep the petting in a regular rhythm. The manipulative part can be done by rubbing fingers back and forth or drawing circles.

Tip 6: Pay attention to your partner's reaction

As lust increases, it's important to pay attention to your partner's physical reactions or subconscious sounds. If changing the pace or direction of touch makes your partner groan, gasp, or breathe harder, then the present action is a sign that your partner is enjoying it.

When your partner's breathing becomes hot and heavy, move closer to your partner and allow yourself to be immersed in the movement, joy, and breath. There's no better advice than listening to your partner's needs, so remember to pay attention to how your partner's body responds.

Tip 7: Be patient

While it's understandable that a partner might want to speed up or increase the force of the moment as they become more responsive to touch, it's recommended to maintain the speed of the moment and avoid sudden changes in force. If hope means climax of love, continuous and rhythmic stimulation is a necessary step.

Of course, just using your hands is still very challenging, so you can also choose to use a variety of sex toys to assist each other, which will be more efficient.

As your partner gets closer to orgasm, the breathing becomes faster, the body becomes tense, and the groans change. Staying focused is crucial at this stage.

In order for your partner to orgasm, something extra is needed. Maybe kiss harder, look into your eyes, caress your neck, etc. The best sex is when the body and mind are fully engaged. Make sure your partner's body and mind are in the same condition to achieve the climax of spiritual and physical unity!

Everyone is different (physically or mentally). Love skills are not for everyone, but are a unique set of skills that two people develop for each other.

If sex is a skill, then the most important part of the skill is listening to and understanding your partner's sexual proclivities. For example, some people prefer to be stimulated on a particular side of the clitoris, or they prefer to lie on their side when caressing, etc. These daily routines will make sex more engaging and intimate.

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