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Change the position

During sex, most people prefer to have intercourse in traditional positions. But if you dare to experiment with new sexual positions, it can often lead to intense stimulation and greatly increase your "sexual interest". If the sexual position is opposite to the traditional position, it can change the length, depth, shape, position and contact position of both sexual organs, which is conducive to arousing passion and increasing pleasure. There is no fixed way to change the posture. Both husband and wife can find out a variety of sexual positions suitable for themselves in practice and change their use.

Changing your sexual environment

The environment often determines the quality of life. But a constant environment often leads to a decline in the quality of sex. It is advisable to change the sexual environment frequently to induce sexual excitement and impulsiveness. Changing the sexual environment, including changing the living room environment and choosing a new environment. A weekend or a long vacation, a short trip, a night in a hotel, a hot moment in your first love tryst. To change the sexual environment, you can make bold and innovative attempts according to your own conditions and interests.

Change the timing of sex

The timing of sex can vary from person to person. Some like to have sex before bed, some like to have sex in the early morning, and some like to have sex when they wake up at night. But at the same time, long-term intercourse tends to reduce the "sexual interest." For example, couples who often have sex before bed, occasionally in the wee hours of the weekend, have enough time and energy to increase the intensity of sex. If couples try to have sex on the spur of the moment, they can often enjoy unexpected "sex." If the interval between sexual intercourse is extended, the couple may negotiate a truce of three to five days or several dozen days. When the amount of sexual energy in the body accumulates to a certain limit, sexual desire will enable both partners to achieve rare sexual satisfaction.

Changing sexual intercourse

Changing the way you have sex is a need not only for the young, but also for the middle-aged and the elderly. Young people can be innovative and old people can be unique.

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