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Be careful not to touch his sensitive areas with necklaces or long fingernails. If his penis suddenly bumped into something cold, hard, or metal, he would suddenly get a discount. If you like lube, so much the better. It can avoid the embarrassment of scratches or scratches.

Break for a kiss.

It has been said that the hands-only way of doing things often lacks passion from the heart. If you're worried about his concentration and you need a break, you can stop. At the same time, you can kiss him passionately and let him feel the connection between you. So that he is excited by the exchange of emotions. Remember, kissing is the best way to get both parties involved.

Concentrate your fire (on a target)

Be innovative, but only at the beginning. Each time he stroked, explored, wandered his sensitive areas in some new way... These are all effective during the initial stages of sex. However, once you feel him entering the "sprint phase" (he starts to take big breaths, blowing hot air out of his nostrils...) Then you have to focus your fire on the key area, on the piston motion. The result will be satisfactory to all of you.

Use a strong hand.

Changing hands mid-stream interrupts the good feeling and distracts him. And it's better to touch gently with the whole palm of your hand than with two slender fingers.

It's in your hands

Change the position of your hand to keep pace: if you're in a hurry and want to get it over with, touch the top of it. Because its tip is studded with nerve endings, very sensitive, can speed up the end, thus buying you time; Holding the bottom of it with your hand can slow down the end time.

Don't hold it too tight.

Squeezing too hard will make him unhappy. Imagine that your hands can build a cozy little nest. Some men are quite sensitive to the touch of the glans, so you should concentrate on the lower part of the top. You can try laying him down with his back to you (you're like two spoons) and putting your hands around him and stroking him. Believe it or not, it works better than when the two of you are face-to-face.

Don't ask for a response

Just focus on him. Don't let him do anything to you. If it's a two-person relationship you want, wait until the next time you both have plenty of time and a comfortable room. At this point you're just trying to satisfy his desires, so you're just trying to distract him by demanding too much. Let your husband enjoy it for once in his life. He'll appreciate it.

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