Sex toy for men

For most straight men, they may have been exposed to the vibrator by realizing that their partner masturbated with it, or they may have used it as a tool on their partner during sex.

In general, vibrators have a stronger effect on women's bodies and are important for narrowing the orgasm gap, while men miss the thrill of being largely vibrator-free.

The next time you're busy together, why not try to focus on him instead? Especially if you've used a couple vibrator during sex, you just need to change who's in charge of the controls and who receives the pleasure (power play, anyone??).

As always: Make sure you volunteer.

You can keep foreplay and sex flowing while checking to see if your partner is enjoying what has happened. Many men aren't used to body vibrations, so it's normal to be a little sensitive or surprised at first.

Punning your partner with, "Are you feeling all right?" "Right here?" "And" Harder? It sounds sexy, but it's also a way of allowing you to answer "yes" or "no" without being too serious.

General rule of thumb: Go low, go slow, turn in circles.

If you remember the first time you used a vibrator, you might be super sensitive to some uncomfortable spots, especially if you first placed the toy directly on your clitoris.

Aim to increase pleasure, rather than trying to get him off the hook.

Vibrate gently over a wide surface area (set low) rather than directly on a part of the body such as the glans or nipples. Hold the vibrator at an Angle to disperse the sound -- if you're using a toy like Limon, tilt one side of the vibrator and squeeze the vibrator for a good even feel.

Explore his body slowly and emotionally

Guidelines for using erogenous areas as contact points.

Use a vibrator to create imaginary lines between these areas and drag it slowly after focusing on one area to build expectations and observe visual and verbal cues.

  • Head and penis axis: Mainly concentrated at the base of the head (not directly at the top) and above and below the shaft of the penis.
  • Around the scrotum/balls. It would be the icing on the cake for oral sex, but it would also feel great in itself.
  • The perineum, coming back a little bit from the testicles, is a little bit of skin. Super sensitive, massage gently.
  • Rotate slowly around the nipple.

Be wary of anal sex, especially if you haven't explored that part of his body before. Depending on the toy, in the worst case scenario, it could also get stuck, leading to an awkward emergency trip.

And the lower back, buttocks, cheeks, perineum are all nearby, allowing for safer indirect pleasure in that part of his body.

The general rules for using vibrators apply.

STDS can be spread through a vibrator, so if you wear a condom a lot during sex and you're using it back and forth, you should wash it in between everyone's use, or put a condom on top of the vibrator.

Communicate as always and observe the other person's reaction. Give him back what you learned about using the vibrator (maybe turn it down a little and be nice to him, at least at first).

If you find out he stole your vibrator for your personal time, don't blame us. He can buy it himself.