Cowgirl Sex Machine

Both men and women are obsessed with the length of the penis, the idea that if it grows down it will be strong, the length of the sex, the idea that if you do it long enough it will be exciting. This kind of familiarity is also very right, but the most important thing is that when making love, you can have a better play, the same sex organs, the same time of making love, such as indecent very skilled sex do, it will be more cool, couples make love the most welcome the most cool sexual action to share with you.

1. Lateral dorsal sex position

The man and the woman are lying horizontally, with their feet straight and their bodies close to the impossible penetration. The man cuts in between the woman's feet, lifts the woman's upper foot, and hangs the foot at his waist for penetration. At this time, the lower foot of the woman can also bend forward, and the body of the man and the woman form a slight Angle, as if lying down in a bent position. It is the orthodox position of the side lying position.

Each other can be slowly before and after insertion, push, can also enjoy visual pleasure, this lateral position, is the most spiritual men and women can enjoy a stable mood and atmosphere of the position. There is only one position where men and women can have sex on the same plane, facing each other, and the thrill is indescribable. When both men and women are physically tired, when they are pregnant, or when they want to enjoy making love slowly, the advantage is that they can make love without being detected by their partners

2. The sitting position

The position of sitting face to face along the way is also a favorite position of men, because her breasts are against my chest, I feel very exciting, and her wheezing sound is just in my ear, which sounds very pleasant. In addition, the position of the woman leaning back, as well as the sonically adjustable in and out of the beat, and so on, are part of its charm.

3. Normal sex position

Account for more than half of the sex, most of the reason is "skin can be close to the road"; Other reasons include seeing the other person s face and feeling secure. "Fundamentally, and truly beloved women's last resort, is normal position", there are also many people hold the view, body and mind can one ┞ captive position, is want to make love to a beloved woman's position.

With respect to the dorsal position, "all can enter during sex, feel great" accounts for more than half of the reasons; Other opinions include, It is the easiest exercise to do when you are not in a good state of energy, and it gives women pleasure by gently rubbing even when there is no vigorous movement.

4. Back sex position

"With a sense of tame, arouse the big back to the buttocks of a line of sexy belt", "wear a youthful spirit of breaking the law, and feel very cool" and so on cause male sense of tame is an important reason. In addition, there are some reasons for arousing the male animal sex instinct, such as "when you insert yourself behind her, you can ignore her feeling and do what you want."

5. Riding sex position

"Can Qing domineering see the woman's expression", "can see each other will produce pleasure posture", men actually want to see the female expression; There are also visual pleasures such as "the woman is trying very hard to achieve orgasm, which is very provocative" and "I can't stand the sight of breasts dangling in front of me". Of course, some people put forward the idea of physical strength such as "no hard gas".

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