Sex toys must be lubricated unless you are really wet! 6 Tips for Sex Toys that Make Your Legs Limp (Lube and Sex Toys recommended)
Sex toys are really worth buying!

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According to Angel, every adult woman should own at least one sex toy. Why is that? It doesn't have to be said that you're a big fan of sex toys, but sex toys can help you out on lonely nights, as well as in bed. But here are six mistakes angels often make when using sex toys. COSMO Angel is here to answer the question!

Different toys use different lubricants.
Angels please remember that silicone sex toys are allergic and harmless, but when you pour silicone oil on them, they can distort, damage or even dissolve! As for water-based lubricants, they can be used on any kind of sex toy.

However, I believe that many angels prefer silicone oil. After all, silicone oil can increase the lubrication effect and make the texture thicker, so if you really want to use silicone oil without damaging the silicone toy, after using the memory should be thoroughly cleaned with alkaline soap!

Massage stick (jump egg) is mainly to use the vibration of the toy to let you feel the tingling stimulation, and massage stick is subdivided into external massage and internal massage, some even have dual functions. In fact, these are the details that should be paid special attention to ~ ~ Angels do not want to hurt themselves for a few seconds of orgasm!

As for dildos, the emphasis is on pulling and thrusting. While a lot of dildos have vibratory features, they're still not as effective as the real thing, so! Depending on what kind of high you want - tingling/wet thrusting, pick one!

Don't be shy, just walk into the sex shop!
Although buying sex toys online is very convenient, easy and private ~ however, no matter what you choose, it can't compare to the reality of YEATION individual! COSMO Angel also knows that I still have to summon up a lot of courage and yell at my confidence in the mirror for 15 minutes every time I walk into a sex toy store (ah, hyperbole). But if you do your homework and go to a professional sex toy shop, the atmosphere will not be awkward and the staff's warm and friendly attitude seems to be on a mission to help you find "the one and only" in your sex life. So don't be shy because

Angels, need not I said, you will see on Internet news from time to time, somewhere in the world of a small town or village, there is a girl horny, accidentally put the anus in the butt, taken to a doctor, or a boy playing with a key ring, until it is stuck in his penis, swelled up... For both men and women, especially with backyard toys, unlike with your younger sister, toys go deep enough into your cervix that they can't get stuck or disappear, but if you're today.

If you play too deep, your toy may actually get sucked into your body. While it's impossible to "dig" the toy out, it can sometimes lead to stress and even shock. Angels who don't want to play in the EMERGENCY room, beware - angels who want to play with backyard toys are advised to use a pull-up stick.

Just like sex toys, you may be afraid of the toys that get into your body at first, but over time, you start to experience the fun. So, if you buy a sex toy today that you think is "out of control" or "not fun", most people don't want to give themselves more time to get used to, or stretch out different ways of playing (sex is a big canvas for your imagination! ORGASAM Angel, for example, will give herself a month or two to get used to the idea of buying a new sex toy!

For example, Orgasm Angel actually bought a toy that was very popular in the sex toy world. At first, I was used to it and not used to it. The feeling that the suction can be so weak, the speed of running so slow, because usually used to stimulate and fast usage, but ignored sometimes the charm of the tender but slow feeling is so strong! So ~ don't try sex toys once or twice, throw them away if you don't like them. Give it the opportunity to learn more about your body and you'll be more aware of your needs in bed!

I'm not talking about every time I have sex with my boyfriend opening the nightstand and letting him choose which toy to play with today. But if you're turned on today, you can look at your boyfriend and say, "Baby, do you want something hot today?" Because by exploring sex toys together, you learn more about each other's bodies, erogenous zones, and fantasies!

If your boyfriend really doesn't want to use sex toys in his relationship, you can put on a private show for him by using eggs to show him that you are crazy about adding new things. Maybe he will open up over time.