Machine Sex

gay sex machineNot all materials are physically safe or safer sex toys. Safety materials include 100% medical stainless steel. You can put a powdery paint on it, and that should be fine. Silicone has to be, it has to be 100% medical grade silicone, otherwise it breaks down. It just gets dirty and porous, which you don't want.

Glass is also an option. There are two kinds of glass. You need a good shatterproof glass. So we look more like borosilicate than alkali lime. And, surprise surprise, wood, ceramic, stone. As long as they have medical grade sealing glaze or kiln firing, they can go.

A great choice for glass dildos is glass spiral glass dildos. Glass is always hard. This beauty lubricates hours of deep penetration and happiness. The ascending spiral ridge increases stimulation and the bulbar head activates the G-spot.

In addition, we also have hard plastics, ABS or medical grade plastics. These are the most common silicone plastics.

Again, toxic, anything less than 100% silicone. All these mesh skins, you are three meat powder, Nio skin, Fox glitter, not 100% silicone, skip!

Paints, glazes, or varnishes, check for ingredients you know may contain highly toxic substances, and skip any that haven't been mentioned before.

As always. We can find out more on the orgasm Angel blog.