Sex Toys

Here are some helpful tips to stay in bed longer and enjoy more sex.

1. Be comfortable with yourself

Regular exercise, healthy eating and good eating habits can help a person stay healthy and in shape; Fitness can keep you free of illness and health problems while giving you strong muscles, energy and endurance, as well as a long and happy life. Kegel exercises are the most popular and effective exercise for women and should be performed daily to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Continuous Kegel exercises with Kegel balls can help with problems like premature ejaculation and can keep them in bed longer.

2. Slow and steady

If done correctly, it may only last a few minutes, and your date may (probably) not even achieve an orgasm; This may be unsatisfying for both parties, but it doesn't actually quench their thirst. Unless you want to have sex fast, take your time and focus on arousal (while letting your partner get aroused). Work in these sexy areas, working your way up (not down) rather than rushing in.

3. Experiment once in a while

Switching up once in a while can add to the excitement if your partner is willing. Many men and women have low sexual desire. Most men have erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and monotony may be a small percentage. So try it with your partner. From poses to sex toys, excitement levels increase when you want something new and you feel closer to your partner. It's a good idea to stay in bed as long as possible.

4. Love

Believe it or not, it takes practice. Knowing when to slow down, focus on your partner's happiness, and orgasm when you feel like it requires little training, and masturbation can do that for you. Go alone, or bring a toy like a sex toy or a textured condom. Not only will this enhance the experience, it will also give the realistic impression that you can make an effort to control premature ejaculation and stay in bed longer.

5. Your partner's happiness

A perfect way to extend bed time is to spend time pleasing your partner. Sexual activity is a two-person affair, and you want your partner to feel the same satisfaction, don't you? An effective way to not orgasm quickly is to help your partner orgasm first. This will not only reduce stress, but also ensure a satisfying and fulfilling experience for both of you.

6. Delay condom use

There are quite a few special products that can easily help delay ejaculation, especially thick long acting delay condoms are one of the best options, you must use protective delay sexual intercourse condoms frequently as they desensitize the tip of the penis and allow you to enjoy the bed for longer. When you reach orgasm, both parties will feel intense and satisfied.

7. Herbal supplements

A variety of effective herbal remedies can be used to treat specific sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Drugs, ointments, and medicinal oils have been developed to make intercourse last longer in bed, to the complete satisfaction of both partners. These natural supplements include herbs and minerals that enhance libido and reproductive health; Ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli, moringa, Shatavari and many other extracts can be found in these herbal supplements.

8. Foreplay

If they want to spend more time in bed and the bedroom, many couples skip the foreplay and go straight to it. This may not be the best strategy. Foreplay is just as important as sex; This is a great tease that can help wake up your partner and put you in a good mood. Foreplay is a natural lubrication, and the action before will be fun. The more time you spend waking up your partner, the longer your experience will last.

9. Sex toys

Everyone needs help sometimes, and you and your partner may enjoy plain sex. Using props and toys will only make it better. Like anal beads, vibrators, lubricants, massage oil and other sexual AIDS. It keeps you busy while you explore it and each other. It's a really fun way to extend your time in bed because it gives you more to do and there are lots of ways to keep your significant other happy.

10. Position 

Certain postures can also delay ejaculation. If you and your partner have a favorite position, but then switch to a different position after a while, switch to another position. Not only will this help you find exciting new positions that you might enjoy, but it will also be satisfying and won't climax quickly. Can use appeal furniture according to different body position.

11. Local desensitization agent

This is a safe and effective method to use if you have a serious medical condition; Some men have orgasms when they are sexually excited. In this case, it's essential to start with something that helps you have sex. There are a variety of topical desensitizers, such as creams, wipes, condoms, etc. Can be used before inserting a partner. (In this case, make sure your partner is not allergic to any of the materials used in the desensitizer and always use condoms)