Sex Machine

If you want to know how to stay in bed longer without medication, you can always get some tips. Here are some ways to naturally stay in bed longer.

Lifestyle changes

Of course, no one likes monotony. You must focus on changing your lifestyle, eating healthy, exercising in bed for longer, such as Kaigl, sleeping well, getting enough water, etc. To maintain your tolerance, enjoy sexual contact for more than a few minutes.

Try new sex techniques.

Get out of your comfort zone and spice things up with different poses and techniques that you and your partner often talk about but never really do. This gives you a chance to explore each other's bodies while spending more time in the bedroom. Try enslaving toys to create some spiciness.

Try new products and drugs.

Safe custom creams and oils can be used for penis enhancement; These special enhancement products also help control premature ejaculation. Adding new products such as vibrating penis rings, edibles, lubricants, or strengthening creams can help you and your partner explore more and more lasting life in bed.

Sex toys

Foreplay can help wake up your partner and reduce your stress. Adding sex toys like dildos, anal plugs, nipple clips, or vibrators can be great fun and give you time to take your time and enjoy all your partners.

Help your partner improve their sexual performance

Most women claim that they never experience an orgasm during sex. To last longer in bed, simply shift your focus to your partner and spend time playing with each other. Once your partner is satisfied, you can work together.

Drink, gain weight, lose weight

Being overweight or underweight as a result of alcohol naturally slows down the process, making it harder to reach a quick orgasm. None of this cures premature ejaculation, it just makes it hard to do it quickly and allows you and your partner to spend more time together.

Psychological training

Practice makes perfect, and the same lies apply to sex. Training yourself individually can help you figure out how to play with your peers.

Adult circumcision

Adult circumcision (If you haven't been circumcised yet, this is also a good way to extend bed time. It desensitizes the tip of the penis to some extent and helps control premature ejaculation. Besides, there are many other benefits.


One of the most effective methods is the use of desensitizers, which come in a variety of forms such as wipes, condoms, ointments, or specialized desensitizing oils.

A natural way to extend bed rest

In addition to medicine, spray, medicine, can also try a few healthy ways, natural for a long time in bed.

Potassium intake

All kinds of vegetables and fruits are high in potassium; This will build up your stamina and help you perform better. Healthy eating habits and a lifestyle based on vegetarianism provide nutrients that can help you enjoy longer in the bedroom.

Iron and zinc.

The other two ingredients your friend uses are iron and zinc, which are found in many fruits, such as strawberries and gooseberries. These ingredients improve sperm quality, which can help you stay in bed longer.

Avoid smoking and drinking.

Smoking has a great impact on all the internal system functions of the body and reduces blood flow to the penis. Drinking alcohol is known to leave people in a high state and unable to fully control their senses.

Cut down on sugar and do your fitness routine.

You feel good when you eat sugar, you feel bad when you eat sugar. The shock takes away your body's energy and all its endurance; Sex is out of the question in this country. Following a regular fitness routine can help your muscles and strengthen your core/hands and legs (the most support men need during sex). Herbs are very popular for long-term sex because they are made from all natural and Indian herbal ingredients. These can help with bedroom problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, as well as improve endurance, reproductive health, sperm quality and more.

There are many things you can do in bed to delay ejaculation, from training to pre-orgasm squeezing techniques, or desensitizing the tip of the penis with delay condoms, wipes, etc. Choose the most suitable and durable bedding for you.