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Much of the process of sex is about getting your way and being comfortable with each other. But adding a romantic twist to sex isn't always the way to go. The key to romance in sex is to stay in a position where you can "see each other's eyes". Whether missionary, 69, train bento.

The key to romance in sex is the ability to "see each other in the eyes." In addition to the freshness of the change of body position, "romance" is more of a feeling, from the two of the hot eyes, full of love touch to rhythm adjustment, every link is worth exploring. Here are 16 "romantic sex positions" for couples to relive their romantic days, with only you in their eyes!

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"Romantic Sex Position" 1: Heart to Heart Missionary

A little variation on the basic missionary position will get you to heaven! Try to wrap your legs around your partner, or grab your hips, etc., so that the two of you move in the same rhythm, you advance, I retreat, I retreat heart to heart position!

"Romantic Sex Position" 2:69 in slow motion

To get rid of the pressure of daily work and life with a slow pace of 69, both time and space are enough to focus on the experience and taste of your partner. But also through the slow pace of the erotic stacking up bit by bit, so that the other side in the edge of orgasm, full of anticipation for the next pleasure.

"Romantic Sex Position"  3: Gentle Support

This position in addition to the full point, in fact, also gentle. There's something very romantic about sitting astride your partner and enjoying wrapped kisses, caresses and loving stares. Facing each other creates a lot of eye contact and a deeper sense of bond and intimacy.

"Romantic Sex Position"  4: Ladle of lust

The spoon position is all about giving the partner in front of you control, speed, depth, and rhythm, while the partner behind you stays still. Sexologists say that couples who allow their partners to have sex tend to communicate better. And this position creates an emotional connection that in turn holds the dominant position.

"Romantic Sex Position" 5: Erotic project duo group

Focus on both sides, body, mind and eyes. Look into each other's eyes and feel passionate love and intimacy for each other. Even touch yourself while looking at each other, don't close your eyes during orgasm, but continue to look at each other. It's going to be a very intense sensory experience.

"Romantic Sex Position"  6: Possessiveness

Put one person in the lead, giving their body, mind and authority to the other person, and let the other person serve them all the way. Whether in the role of giving or receiving, please allow yourself to enjoy the love of the other person! This is a great opportunity to practice and enjoy!

"Romantic Sex Position" 7: Desire food

Sit your partner at the edge of the table with your legs spread wide, drizzle honey on your inner thighs, and serve your partner as if they were enjoying a candlelit dinner with whipped cream on the floor (just a little on the outside is healthy).

"Romantic Sex Position" 8: Movie lust

Lock the door, turn off the lights, wrap your sweet bodies in a soft blanket, and watch a movie. Hip rub, rub each other must press the pause button, play belong to the two of the hot love movie.

"Romantic Sex Position" 9: Pillow Mountain love

Lie on your partner's back with your wrists on top of your head. By sliding carefully between your partner's legs, you can easily rub into each other's sensitive spots, and a gentle rub can make the pleasure last longer. Trying to talk about your feelings during the interweaving process can increase the atmosphere of romance and the level of pleasure of sex.

"Romantic Sex Position"  10: Lingering Spoon

Two people lie on top of each other, and when the man underneath enters his body, he pushes his hips down slightly in response to the rhythm of love. Hold your partner's hand to the part you want to be caressed, breasts, hips, waist, hot.

"Romantic Sex Position" 11: Cuddle entanglement

Have your partner sit on the arms of the couch, then sit on his legs, facing him, with your feet on the cushions. Hold each other tight, shake gently, and stare at each other at the same time. Let time stop in this beautiful romantic moment.

"Romantic Sex Position" 12: Intertwining tenderness

Lay Nan on his soft body with his hands on his shoulders. Push your pelvis slightly upward, and your partner gently presses down. Throw away your usual thrusting and enjoy the hot rhythm of resistance that allows both of you to swing at the same time.

"Romantic Sex Position" 13: Train bento

As long as the reunion of Fei Fei embrace as romantic, in each other's arms to enjoy a simple pleasure. The standing position is difficult, but there are a few tricks you can use to get the best out of yourself. At the beginning of the female companion can stand in a higher place, convenient to reach the male companion's high, into the lover's arms to find a wall, reduce the pressure and deepen the thrust, kill two birds with one stone!

"Romantic Sex Position"  12: Intimate overlap

Two people lie face down and place their legs on your outside as they overlap each other. As he enters, he folds his legs and crosses them at the ankles, a position that is more intense and intimate than dog crawl.

Romantic Sex Position 13: Double crab

Sit with your partner across from each other and hold your legs apart so they're spread out like crabs. Then lean back on your hands and fall into a slow rocking groove, staring at your partner until you get lost in romantic and passionate sex.

"Romantic Sex Position" 14: The Body 8 figure method

Prop up your hips with a few pillows, keep your knees bent, and let your partner enter at a higher Angle. Have your partner move around the body in an 8 on his hips so he can feel additional clitoral stimulation through his pubic bone. The key is the way the 8 is written!

Romantic Sex Position 15: Surround and intertwine

The two are wrapped in warm sheets, his hands wrapped around her neck and her legs wrapped tightly around her hips.

Romantic Sex Position 16: Bliss 68

If the classic 69 is not enough, the "68" position is definitely preferred. Lie on top of your partner and rest your head on their lap, then let your partner go down and enjoy!

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