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Cunnilingus, or oral love, is also a source of pleasure for women. Licking, which focuses on the clitoris, is also pleasurable (even more so than penetration). If you want to know how to turn your partner into a puddle of honey, take a look at the following 8 steps, plus an online 3-minute orgasmic ventriloquism guide for men to experiment with licking!

"Men must learn to suck" Step 1: Kiss

Heading south, the kiss begins at the neck, moves to the waist, and finally reaches the sensitive inner thighs before entering the mysterious delta! Eye contact is great. Look up and look into your partner's sensual eyes. You can swim a little longer on your inner thigh, watch your partner's reaction, and stop immediately if your partner rejects you.

"Men must learn to suck" Step 2:  Find

Once you've reached the feminine delta, take your time and find the clitoris. Just in case you don't know what that is, it's like a little bean on top of a sandwich.

Before we begin any action, it must be clear that the clitoris is super. A surname. Sense. It has more nerves than a man's cavernous body. The clitoris is the source of most female orgasms.

The clitoris is the magical core of a mystical delta, and if a man already has some basic ability to serve a woman, it can make her tremble with excitement. The power of gently rubbing your finger belly or burying your face between your legs is immense.

"Men must learn to suck" Step 3: Lick

First lick around the clitoris, don't go there just to get the heart. The water must be boiled slowly, the oven must be preheated slowly, and the passion must be brewed slowly! Once enough teasing, the tip of the tongue gently lick the magic bean, there will be magic feedback.

Lick up, down, or around, but still focus on the pressure of the tongue on the clitoris. If the person's physical response and groans indicate yes, start gently and increase the pressure and speed. You can also play with the shape of your tongue on the clitoris and try blending. Some people prefer a wide, flat tongue, others prefer a more pointed tip. It's really a personal preference.

"Men must learn to suck" Step 4: Ask

It's really not that scary to start a dirty talk. Asking someone if they're enjoying it is not only a way to confirm their feelings, but also a way to start a dirty talk. Plus, the vulva doesn't all look the same, let alone sensitive, so it's always good to check your partner's preferences. Some people like to slow down, some people like to bully, if you already know the other person, it is better to attack, and know that you are 100% open to oral sex.

"Men must learn to suck" Step 5: In

A woman's pussy is the same as a man's penis, each with its own preferences and stimulation. Try running your fingers over your thighs, rubbing your buttocks, or caressing your breasts and stimulating your nipples.

Wait until the other person agrees (voice, speech, whatever) to insert a finger slowly into the vagina and wait for a response (or direct questioning). Slowly pull out, insert, slightly bend the fingers upward, feel touch each other's abdomen, is also to find the method of habitation, gently massage in circles, after getting consent to speed up. Of course, don't forget the clitoris right now!

"Men must learn to suck" Step 6: Change

Switch speeds, near and far. The clitoris is very sensitive, and the same stimulation for too long will get you nowhere. You can kiss the core of magic.

"Men must learn to suck" Step 7: Help

Sometimes props assist to the sky, of course, still have the consent of the other party! Small octopus, bullet are suitable.

"Men must learn to suck" Step 8: Tide

If your partner orgasms during the licking (which not everyone does, that's fine!) When your breathing starts to speed up, your body starts to tense up, even grabbing your hair, screaming loudly, it's all about orgasm. Don't, don't stop talking about anything! Let those orgasms overwhelm the other person.

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