Fucking Machine Compilation

For many women, there is a barrier to oral sex; In addition to not liking the taste of "there," it may also be that it is not very hygienic. It would be a pity, however, to lose this bedside charm. Today, our sex guru is going to teach you oral sex tricks that will definitely get your partner to surrender! Get rid of the stiff fellatio technique and not only make him comfortable this time, you can enjoy the sex too!

Tip 1: Cool colorful joy

Put a mint in it, hide it under your tongue, blow on his balls, he'll feel a cool throb, then lick the balls. The next step is to do the same to his penis and slide the inner edge of his lip up and down.

Then, holding the glans in your mouth, swirl your minty tongue around the coronal groove, rubbing it around and around. Finally hold the penis body up and down twitch with sucking the glans, let him cool and comfortable until orgasm.

Tip 2: The magic of the Mandarin bath

Let the water rush over him, wet his penis, and give him the comfort of a spa. Then he sucked the head of his penis in his mouth. When he lost himself, he put the electric massage stick against his two balls. At this time, he switched the sucking penis body and pumped back and forth, so that he was mesmerized to fly.

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Tip 3: The ecstatic motion stop method

Hold the penis tightly with your fingers, moving up and down, slowing down first. Then he sucked on the head of the glans, and accelerated the rhythm of his hand until he almost wanted to ejaculate and stopped. When it slowly softeners, it again holds on to the slightly weaker penis, this time adding a bit of a rotating trick, and when it stiffens again, it goes back to the above up and down rhythm and continues to stimulate, until it wants to ejaculate again and then stops immediately, finally it is pumped into the penis again, this time making him orgasm.

Trust me, he'll never forget it!

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