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The so-called five senses of hearing in sex is through the voice and body to express their feelings to let the other person know. Sound is a very wonderful and unique sense. In my five senses concept of "sexual taste" and intimate relationship, sound, like other sensory perception, is a unique sensation!

In bed, the sound and each other's body sensory spectrum of touching and profound, often in the intimate overlap of the moment, between the motion and quiet through the groan, gasp, whispers of sound, expand the auditory sensory cells in sex, not only dance out of the body resonance with the other half, In the intimate process of sex, the sound can arouse the other person from inside to outside, mind to body rich level of excitement and touching.

1. Awaken the whisper of love

Sex is a joyful act of total sensory perception. With the help of body movement, space atmosphere and a little sound at the right time, imagine each breath and breath of the other person's body can penetrate into the whole body. Whispering, whispering and the intimate touch of hugging, caressing and feeling each other's body temperature are the keys to a good sex switch.

The subtle language includes the frankness of "sex talk", such as: I want you now, let us blend together, so long to feel bound... And so on, these are not only men like to listen to, women also like, it can promote the need of each other's sense of promotion.

2. Basic sound effects of bed language: instinctive gasping

It's an emotional sound that you can't help but make as you slowly ignite your passion. Sex and love, men and women will be issued a variety of groans, this is a strong and powerful erotic upsurge induced point. In some cases, these groans don't have to be in bed, they can also be the first step of flirting. During sex, gasping can also be an essential ingredient for orgasm; Through the soft sound sensory stimulation, not only can you be more sensitive to the body touch, but also can increase the secretion of dopamine, men's erections can be faster to pull the gun, women can be more quick to moisturize.

3. Mesmerizing, pedantic groans

In intimate relationships, sajiao means being contained and surrounded by love, which also makes a man feel dependent. A woman who knows how to act in pettish at the right time can not only make a man full of passion, but also give sex to get some crazy. Delicate groans can quickly into the sexual atmosphere, but also in the process of making love to deep intoxicating sexy tease. Timely sajiao and groaning is not only a stimulant in bed, but also can let each other more freely enjoy sexual pleasure, provoke deeper sexual desire.

4. The Rhythm of the bed: aphrodisiac

In my years of practice, I've often heard cases where the problem they want to solve is "getting soft halfway through," meaning enthusiasm dies quickly. Behind this objective fact lies the fact that even hobbies vary with stimulation. Being able to fully enjoy sex called bed is a small skill, but also the best way to relax yourself.

With the response of the body, with the movement of the other side and their own comfortable feeling, in the process of moaning to show different sounds and body rhythm reaction. Can sometimes be high, sometimes rapid; In the right time with the rhythm of the rhythm of love and sound, the more can provoke the erotic orgasm, but also let the other person feel your sexual pleasure and the desire of the body. Sometimes the pleasure you get during sex is more important than the orgasm.

5. The climax boundary between sound and body movement

People who enjoy sex communicate their needs through voice and body movements. This is the most direct and beautiful sexual communication. Gently letting your partner know your comfort zone and sexual arousal level, being fully engaged and passionate, and subtly communicating desire and love between the sheets are some of nature's best intuitions. As long as you are willing to let go, you can use the sound to tease your partner, so that sexual quality can be more shared and frank enjoyment.

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