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Men are afraid not to lift, women are afraid to dry! For men before not lift is the biggest fear, for women, teasing, their "sister" is not wet is not wet how embarrassing, women's private parts wet or not, in addition to the reaction of the body's pleasure, but also greatly affect the comfort of sex, vaginal dry, want to come again can only tearful refuse, more serious may become cold, Let the author tell you the causes of vaginal dryness and three secrets to saying goodbye to vaginal dryness.

Possible causes of vaginal dryness?

High stress: Stress affects the amount of hormones and, indirectly, the release of love fluids. Taking new medications: A side effect of some medications is vaginal dryness. If you have recently taken a new medication, it may be the cause. Sex skills: The first two blushing tips won't help you, but here are three tips to get rid of vaginal dryness.

The first move you need more foreplay

Most causes of vaginal dryness are a lack of time for foreplay and a rush to get down to business, but dear men and women, the beauty of sex is that it is the exciting foreplay that leads to the passionate topic. Slow down and enjoy every moment of foreplay in a slow sex way, from kissing to caressing to fingering. Savor each other's flirtation and real body feelings. Once your body and mind are relaxed, love will come naturally.

The second trick is to add some new fun to sex

Do you ever get tired of having sex with one person all your life? Blushing Xiaobian said, sex positions can have 365! Sex, like love, can last as long as you have the heart to do it. One of the best ways to do this is to spice up sex every time, whether you want to try a little bit of exciting SM, a little bit of exciting sexual challenge, or a little bit of sex toys for your partner. The new stimulation will definitely increase the heat and stop the vaginal dryness.

The more you lick, the wetter you get

Oral sex can make men excited, also can make women excited, if your vagina is not wet, it is better to let the male partner to help you lick it! How many women resist men for her oral love, but don't be afraid, blush sex life survey report found that nearly 90 percent of women enjoy the pleasure of being oral sex, everyone loves it, you should try, let a man from the outside to lick kiss your private place, by gently titillate to deep into, he will find that your vagina is getting more and more wet.

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