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Couples or cohabiting couples, the most likely to encounter emotional burnout, feel love has gradually dissipated, the remaining is plain affection, you no longer like the past all night battle, because every day to sleep together gradually lost the passion of love, you begin to ask, a lifetime and a person make love will not be tired of? Women should let go of men who don't love them, but if you still have a little bit of warmth, maybe intimate dating can help you. Today, we have invited a professional therapist to tell you that an old couple can have a good sex life.

Intimate dating is the single most important way to maintain sexual vitality. When it comes to overcoming avoiding sex and having little or no sex, we've always emphasized the importance of intimacy. Intimate dating is powerful in terms of preventing relapse and promoting marital satisfaction.

Whether sex is choreographed or improvised, it has its value. Most intimate dates are planned and eagerly anticipated. Couples with kids and jobs don't have a chance to have good sex if they don't spend time alone. As for impromptu intimate dates -- if they happen, you may as well enjoy them.

An intimate date at home

The point of intimacy is to share emotions and desires in the place where you live every day: your home. It's cheaper, but it doesn't take less effort, time, or preparation to make a date at home. In other words, deliberately create a private space ─ with the kids asleep or with someone else; Turn on the answering machine, or unplug the telephone cord; And don't answer the doorbell when it rings. The key to success or failure is whether your mind is delicate or not. Too often, couples put off intimacy until just before bedtime -- they're too exhausted to be sexually affectionate. Poor contact doesn't make for good sex. Just because you sleep together seven days a week doesn't mean you're close. With limited exposure, sexual desire dries up naturally. Boring, ritualistic lovemaking can damage intimacy and lead to a loss of expectation and plummeting libido.

An intimate date can be arranged in the morning, afternoon or dusk. Take a walk, sit on the front porch, drink wine, eat snacks, have an extravagant candlelit bath, sit at the dinner table and plan a vacation for both of you or the family, or dance around the living room (with or without clothes) with your favorite song. (It's also good to play erotic games together!) Your date could be to talk about plans and dreams, to share feelings, to try a new lotion for a massage, to talk about previously sensitive topics, to discuss important issues, to resolve financial issues that are getting in the way of your relationship, or to have a fun game of chess or cards. An intimate date can be a good time that brings you closer together, or it can be a fun drama that you hope will evolve into sex.

An intimate date outside

An intimate date away from home is worth the thought and anticipation, as is a week-long vacation, but it's more common for couples to schedule a night out or a half-day outing. Impromptu dates can be surprising, but intimate dates outside the home are often planned. The most important thing is not to let your date fall into a routine of doing the same things, going to the same places, and saying the same things. We both love movies. It would be boring to go to the movies on every date. Why not go for a drive and see some town? Have an exotic meal or see a play? Try rowing or riding a horse? Hiking or picnicking by the river

Talk to your partner about a childhood story you've never talked about? Let's look at old love letters we haven't seen in ten years? If you often date at restaurants, how about a country inn or romantic B&B for a change? Drop the kids off at a sleepover, you guys go dancing, then go home and have a romantic night in the living room?

One of the things that makes intimate marriage special is that you know your partner won't make fun of you if you try something new and it doesn't work. We encourage you to try something new -- find a new restaurant, do something you've never done before, reveal a wish or dream, experiment with a new sex play. If the restaurant sucks, if the thing is boring, if your fantasy sucks, if the sex drama doesn't work, if it doesn't matter. Your partner won't blame you or laugh at you. Intimacy is not only about sharing closeness and good feelings, but also about sharing frustrations and frustrations with each other.

Practical practice for intimate dating

Theory is one thing, practice is another. In this exercise, couples take turns scheduling intimate dates once a week to keep your sexual appetite in check.

During these two months, husbands and wives take turns scheduling intimate dates once a week. Find out what kind of intimacy you like best, and try all kinds of dating: at home or away; Prearranged and improvised; Having sex, or focusing on bonding; Half an hour, or a whole day; Engaging in an activity or sitting and talking. Develop spontaneous and engaging relationships to experience each other's style, and you have your own unique style, while the word intimacy, by definition, means sharing. Close couples tolerate and enjoy each other's stylistic differences and preferences, never insisting that their own way is better.

After two months, share with your partner why you like intimate dating and why you want to continue it. If intimate dating turns you off or backfires, talk to your partner and give specific advice. How do you use intimacy to promote sexual appetite? Couples who are close to each other tend to have an open sexual appetite, have lots of sex, and have a good marriage.

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