Vibrator for women

4 Vibrators Every Woman Should Own

Here's a shocking statistic: only three in 10 women over 40 find time to do it more than once a month. Of course, we women are busy creatures. But if investing in yourself is the best path to success, shouldn't it include physical self-love?

You don't need to book an expensive wellness vacation to boost the morale of your body and soul. Simple things like taking a warm bath, drinking a therapeutic tea, or getting a good massage are everyday pleasures that you allow yourself to enjoy. Scientists have long shown that masturbation improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and releases endorphins needed to feel happy and combat stress. The increase in oxytocin levels during orgasm is healthy and is a natural way to help the body cope with everyday stress. So there really are a lot of health benefits to vibrator use.

Having a vibrator while masturbating is a great way to ensure your pleasure. But with so many toys to choose from -- G-spot vibrators, stick vibrators, anal toys, which one is essential? Because variety is the spice of life, here's the best to try - everyone is unique in their own way, and you should have at least one - if not more.

1. Clitoral stimulation vibrator

The clitoris is an amazing place that responds very well to most types of stimulation. Although it may be a small glans, it contains about 8,000 nerve endings. When stimulated, it sends those good feelings to 15,000 other nerves in the pelvis. It's a power station full of fun! If you haven't found it yet, it's time.

But here's the thing: Because the clitoris is so powerful, your toy doesn't have to be huge or awkward. In fact, we should say that most clitoral stimulators are compact and user-friendly. Usually, they are smaller than other vibrators and give you a direct stimulus. Try different types and sizes; Find out what you like better. Large ones can be used to play with a partner, and small ones can stimulate other parts of the body, such as the nipples, or even the testicles.

If you're just starting out and want something understated yet beautiful, we recommend the luxurious Pret-a-Porter-Satisfyer rose gold leather. It looks and feels luxurious, like a precious gem. This charming toy is rechargeable and can work at a variety of speeds. In a mere whisper of noise, it provides pressure wave simulation and non-contact clitoral stimulation.

2. G-spot vibrator

By now, everyone has heard of the elusive G-spot. But do you know how to find yourself? Don't worry, not every woman can do that. Then there are those who claim to have a lot of practice. Most girls, even if they know it exists, have a hard time getting it. This is where the G-spot vibrator comes in handy. With a curved, flexible, angled head that corresponds to the internal shape of your body, you don't have to worry about not being able to aim there.

Remember: The G-spot is not a separate organ. Think of it as a neural hot spot, usually two to three inches higher than your vagina, on the front wall, near your belly button. Some people can reach the slightly filled area there with their fingers, causing waves of pleasure. But, if you're not one of these people, don't worry. Stimulate it with these G-spot vibrators. A good option is the better silky G-spot vibrator, which penetrates well. Moreover, it is discreet and beautiful, making it an essential travel companion!

3. Waterproof vibrator

Enjoying yourself while you're soaking wet is an amazing sensory treat. When you relax in the bath, you will have a silky and soothing feeling. Now, if you choose to use your finger, your partner's finger, or a toy, it's your choice. Just make sure the vibrator in your shower belt is waterproof!

Can you recommend the We-Vibe tango? Given its compact size, it might not look like much. But that's the genius of it. This is a small power station. If you just want to have fun with your lover, a contented companion Whale Companion vibrator is a good choice. Waterproof and simple, U-shaped, bi-clitoris, G-spot excitatory. Get ready to enjoy its 11 vibration modes.

4. Multiple stimulation vibrator

Now, you know you have hot spots both inside and outside your body. So your tools should target you in multiple dimensions. Having a vibrator that vibrates internally and externally can make sex with yourself or your partner more exciting!
There are many women who cannot be aroused unless more than one area is stimulated. If this is your condition, it's perfectly normal. A rabbit vibrator should be your toy of choice. When the body of the vibrator is inserted, its rabbit "ears" caress your clitoris, stimulating your entire vagina in multiple ways. No wonder rabbit vibrators were so popular when they first hit the market. This atmosphere can also help relieve your partner of a lot of stress. They help him or her stimulate you without worrying that they've hit the "wrong" place or that you'll be disappointed.

Ella's first Rabbit vibrator offers you many different styles and colors to choose from. With multiple revs and 12 variable vibration modes, you'll give your G-spot and clitoris the pleasure your body truly deserves.

Once you've tried the above four vibrators, don't be afraid to take risks and try other new toys! Talk to your partner about which movies you like and why. Learn what they like and don't be afraid to use new toys during sex. Because you never know how good it is until you try.

Remember: being a better lover means being a braver player. Know your tools, have your confidence, and be ready to discover your favorite game changers!