Sex Machine Toy

The appeal of car shock is nothing more than small space, looming insecurity and rampant lust. It's sexy, and it's where a lot of people go when they're out of town. Of course, it's a little dangerous. After all, too much self, may be involved in some legal problems, and may accidentally become the headlines of the leak commune. Although many movies and TV shows have car shock, it may not be as easy in real life as in the movie, and even the failure rate of the first attempt is very high. Here are some tips and classic poses from sexologists to help you wash your car for the first time!

First Car Shock Tip 1: Prepare in advance

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  1. Blankets, Pillows: Warm blankets and comfy pillows can be placed under your body to make the area where you lie softer.
  2. Bath towels: If it's summer, swap your blankets for bath towels. Sweating and spilling juices are cushioned. After all, the cleaning and maintenance cost of the car is not low.
  3. Safety measures: Yes, the place of sex is from the bed to the car, the same is safety first. Please have condoms and lubricant ready.

First Car Shock Tip 2: Use vehicle equipment

Don't underestimate seat belts and rarely adjusted seats. The seat belt can achieve a slight sense of pressure with a slight restraint. Positioning the back of the chair at the right Angle will act as a stable support and push it forward more forcefully. Also, don't forget the media player, let's have some music!

First Car Shock Tip 3: Dress more sexually.

Taking your clothes off in a hurry in a small space will only lead to awkward, awkward results such as a bump to the head, an elbow, or nowhere to put your clothes. So, in a car crash, all you have to do is unbutton your shirt, unbutton your pants, and pull up your skirt. Not to mention wearing clothes to make love has a rampaging feeling.

First Car Shock Tip 4: Choose your location carefully.

A dark alleyway, a deserted forest, or a mountain with a star in it is all right, but not too loud or too hard. It is also recommended not to be shaken by a car in broad daylight. Now that we're all reporters, it's not nice to be photographed.

Classic Car Shock Position 1: The woman in the front seat.

The most suitable position for car shock is female upper position, and the performance of female upper position is not affected either by car or recreational vehicle. As long as the front seat is flat, the male partner can lie down, and then the female partner can straddle. If the roof is low, the woman can bend over and let the man enjoy the pleasure of two peaks.

Classic Car Shock Position 2: Back seat ride

Oral sex in the car is also a particularly erotic thing. The position can be alternated between male and female partners. The male partner sits on the ground in the back seat facing the front seat with his neck back and his head resting on the edge of the back seat sofa while the female partner straddles the sofa (over his face). A woman can squat in the back seat, or she can raise her feet high on the back of the front seat, and hold her head back with her hands. The climax must have come fast and furious.

Classic Car Shock Position 3: Lying in the back seat of oral sex

What a perfect night to work in the parking lot! Two people just need to lie in the back seat can serve each other well, not easy to be seen. Add or subtract some props like massage sticks to the old wet scooter, this is where it comes in handy!

Classic Car Shock Position 4: The back seat lotus position

The lotus position in the back seat will be more ergonomic and intimate for both. The male partner sits in the back seat and the female partner straddles with her legs wrapped around her waist. With some lubrication liquid to let the male partner smoothly slide into the body, hands do not idle, so as to caress the eyes of the most intimate people!


sex machine toy


Put a portable sex machine in your car and use it to add excitement and atmosphere to sex before the car shock starts.

Classic Car Shock Position 5: The dog climbs the trunk

This location is good for recreational vehicles or larger vehicles. Open the trunk, let the female partner land, and let the male partner come from behind. If there's enough room, you can even close the rear door. If there's not enough space, it's nice to have a man standing outside the car to get in. It is recommended to tie a towel or shirt to the window to avoid the spring sun leaking out.