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Do you like adventure? How many different poses do you know?

How many of you have been brave enough to try or lucky enough to try? Things can get pretty boring in the bedroom, especially if you're in a long-term relationship. You need some new Indian poses to keep your passion alive and give you a dripping high.

Every time you try a different position, it brings something new, it builds sexual excitement, and it makes you want more. There are many stimulating amenorrhea positions to try. Try to find the sexiest love for yourself and your partner

Different sexual positions

Experimenting with different sex positions with your partner is a great way to bond and rekindle the spark. While you may be tempted to experiment with different sexual positions, you may want to talk to your partner about sticking to what works for you.

Get out of your routine. If you're not a fan of weird poses, start with easy poses and work your way up to more weird ones.

Remember, different people have different brush strokes, so the best sex position is one that works for both you and your partner and allows you to achieve an exciting world orgasm.

Men are visually stimulated, so try different sexual positions, such as corkscrew or puppy pose, to get a more stimulating view from different angles.

Female pleasure sexy love

Just insisting on preaching isn't enough to get many women to orgasm. Different positions of insertion, not only stimulate, feel different. You also get all the benefits of clitoral and anal stimulation. The novelty of experimenting with different angles of sex can be exciting and exciting.

A quick shower is a good idea when you're hungry but need to get ready as soon as possible. You can experiment with different poses in the shower, but if you really want something hot and original, go for the dog. Bend down and try to touch your toes as your partner puts his hand on your hip and penetrates from behind.

1. The missionaries

The missionary position is fundamental. While it doesn't give you much room to touch the clitoris, this is still a very intimate kissing and eye contact position that is very comfortable for period sex. There are exciting ways to spice up the basic missionary style; You can masturbate with sex toys, or even change the Angle. Put a pillow under your butt to give your hips a higher Angle, bend your knees, and wrap your legs around your partner.

2. Cowgirl

If you want a position suitable for women who like to control, Cowboy Sister is a different position that allows you to control stroke and insertion. The cowgirl pose gives your partner a sexy view of your body, allowing you to rub his chest and play with your clitoris and breasts. If you care about your body, a different pose to try is the "cowboy girl." So he can get turned on by watching your hips bounce and doing yoga.

3. Dog style

Oh yes, naughty dogs have always been our favorite fast in the most unusual places. Dogs are a form of intercourse when you want to explore different sexual positions for a closer fit and G-spot stimulation. This is our favorite part. Your partner can see your sexy butt and can squeeze or slap it. With his hands exploring freely, you can enjoy a nice clitoral stimulation and your breasts get caressed.

4. This chair

You can try different kinds of sexy love in bed and out of the bedroom. "Chair" is one of them. Find a sturdy chair with no arms and have your partner sit in the chair while you straddle him and push each other around. This pose is both intimate and mischievous. You can do the same thing with sex products.