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Just like the poses that men prefer, we have ideal poses for a reason: they help us achieve orgasm.

If you want to orgasm more easily and have a stronger, more memorable orgasm, what do you expect, keep reading and know the best sexual positions for women?

1. The missionaries

The minimal variation of the classic missionary position is guaranteed to delight women. What should you do? Lie on your back with a cushion on your back so your hips are higher. Use your partner's shoulders for support and raise your legs. This position helps us achieve a more intense orgasm as we insert deeper and try to stimulate the G-spot. Also, the fact that we lift our legs increases our sensitivity.

It's best if we lower our legs because the hips line up with the pelvis and the clitoris will rub directly against the insertion.

G-spot stimulation, number one; Stimulation of the clitoris, then deep insertion, face-to-face contact with him... All say prove this pose!

2. The dog is lying down.

We already know that a puppy's pose is one of the most passionate and exciting, but we can make it easier for him to orgasm with something novel. For example, instead of using four braces, lie on your stomach and raise your hips slightly so that it can penetrate you from behind. Your man may be above you -- if you're thin, he's tall, watch out! - Or lean on your bent arm.

The secret to this puppy posture change is that it allows for greater friction in the insertion while you stimulate your clitoris to the bed.

3. Lie down on the table

Having sex somewhere else outside the room produces a fun adrenaline rush that can help you reach orgasm quickly. The highly recommended location is... On the table! It should be a large table that you can lie on and reach hip level with your partner.

Lie on your back and put your butt on the edge of the table. He stands up against your hips. Why is this position successful? Because the penetration is done at a vertical Angle, it will touch the clitoris because your boy has free hands to caress your body. Another secret to orgasm is squeezing and lifting your hips, as this increases the tension in the pelvis and builds up more blood in the area.

4. The scissors

This is the perfect woman's sexual position. Your child should lie down with his legs slightly bent, and you should turn slightly to the side and lean against one of his thighs. When you stand up, you can control the speed, depth and Angle of the insertion, which is located between his legs. You can also rub the clitoris with your body.

5. A woman's back is up and her feet are supported.

The position of the woman above is our favorite because the insertion is under our control and easy for us to manage while letting the clitoris rub to orgasm.

But there's a variant that has this benefit and gets the most pleasure: you stand and sit with your back to him, legs together, feet on the bed. When your legs are together, you feel stronger. In this position, you also stimulate the G-spot; What more do you want?

All right, girls, these are the sex positions we can't miss. I hope you noticed them, and mostly, you put them into practice! Which one do you want to try first?