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Many girls worry that long-distance love will make the relationship sour, in addition to video, why not try more exciting and interesting electric love? Today, a little more intense electric love tips!

Step 1: Make electric love a secret consensus

Secretly set a date in your partner's calendar to make it a regular date. In addition to the anticipation, you don't have to worry about being outside or in a place where you can't talk. You can design provocative nicknames that only two people know about. As long as you mention them, you know that the other person wants to have sex with you. Because you know the time of sex in advance, you can design a relaxing environment for yourself. Let your electric love can be more brazen and deep.

Step 2: Imagine the sex is going to be real

Before sex, we always take a comfortable bath, spray some perfume, put on comfortable sexy pajamas and wait for the lover to come, compare the electric love to the real sex, prepare in advance to make you feel super sexy and confident, but also can achieve a relaxed state, before the phone rings gently touch yourself, let the body slightly wake up, you can imagine the previous time and his passion moment, Or the most memorable sexual experience you ever had.

Step 3: Take it easy Start with sweet words

You may have had a lot of electric love experiences, but don't rush into the core at once. Start by being coy (it will attract him more if you don't go this route before), talk about how much you miss him, while he warms up a little, talk about your special outfit in a low voice, and then tell him how you touch yourself, how you caress your body, The slow touch in your privacy makes you more eager for him to come in and let him visualize your sultry pose.

Step 4: Maximize your imagination

Enter the most important part of electric love, ask him to join you, dare to say what you want to do to each other, he is kissing you on the back of the neck, while you are touching his hair, he turns you around and rubs your already wet private parts with a hot sex organ, you breathe in a low voice, yearning for deeper stimulation, say what you are feeling at the moment, when he says he is touching your body, How much do you love this feeling, close your eyes, you're fantasizing.

Step 5: Tell your partner you had an orgasm

Author said the physical signs of orgasm, but the electric love can not feel, so when you are about to orgasm remember to remind each other, but also let the tone more rapid desire, let him feel you quickly reach the top, with the climax of the pleasant moan, will become a beautiful music he never forgets. At the end of the day, before your breathing returns to normal, add a little gasp and tell him how much you enjoyed the electric sex today and look forward to your next phone date.

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