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There are a lot of girls around who are really clueless about how to improve sex.They really enjoy sex and want to please their partner,but a lot of the time they don't know what the channel is,and a lot of the time they are too shy to tell.So today the author is going to share some "growing up" with you girls.

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1. Show your true self when making love

The first point of this thing means it's really important!

Sex is something between two people.In addition to satisfying each other,it is also very important to understand your body itself.You must let each other know how you feel at the moment. If it doesn't feel good, if it doesn't feel good, if it doesn't feel good, make sure your partner knows that's not the way it works for you, or you won't be able to have better sex.

2.Please each other to know how to please yourself

There is no need to be shy or ashamed to do this on your own. Everyone has the right to be happy. Blushing has always advocated that women should know their own, orgasm is not to rely on others to have, you have to know better than others where your sensitive zone, and easy to orgasm parts, posture is what, in order to get pleasure and fun during the process of sex. In the same way, when the other person sees your comfortable and high expression, it will feel a great sense of accomplishment and pleasure.

3. Get to know each other's anatomy

The second point refers to the way to please yourself. If you want to improve, I am serious about studying the human body structure. Take a good look at the physiognography of men and women, and from time to time grab the other half and study it against each other. All the information you find is based on other people's experience, so try it for yourself.

4.Good sex is not just about the key parts

Unless you are a very insensitive person, any area can be sensitive. The best way to test this is to rub the cheek, scalp, nape of the neck, shoulders, back... And so on, from the top down from the front to the back, don't scratch hard, but gently touch, and observe the other side's reaction, sometimes the sensitive zone will appear in a very unexpected place, when you find this part, usually he can't leave you.

5. Train imagination

Don't be afraid to imagine.

And the best way to train the imagination is to see more psychologists say that the original erotic literary effect is equal to the girl's power and just)

6. Share and discuss with others

We know it can be difficult to talk about sex. Try talking to your "sisters" and ask them to share their experiences. Maybe they have already solved the big problem you thought!

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