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The triangle position (also known as dog crawl, back position) is one of the most enjoyable positions for people with BDSM tendencies to try. It's like the yoga triangle, bending over, arching your butt, and looking from behind, it's as sexy as it gets. Here are 6 amazing "backside positions" for spring sex.

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Benefit of the backside Position 1: Control the depth of entry

The triangle position is very deep and the Angle of entry can be adjusted. When a partner stands between their legs, the opening and closing of their legs can adjust the depth of entry. It can also bring the couple closer together, allowing them to dig in and out, to pound or rub against the mysterious G-spot or even chrysanthemums.

Benefit of the backside Position 2: Multiple stimuli

Another benefit of the triangle position is the ability to use both hands freely, whether caressing or using props, to stimulate the chest, buttocks, or clitoris, and to orgasm faster.

Super Ecstasy "Backside"1: The Classic Triangle Position

Bend over so that your body is basically in an inverted L, with your upper body parallel to the floor. Spread your legs and place your arms at your sides while your partner holds them and inserts them from behind.

Super Ecstasy "Backside" 2: Kneeling triangle

The woman kneels on the bed and the man enters behind her. This position gives the male partner more control and brings the sex organs closer together.

Super Ecstasy "Backside" 3: Role reversal

The more daring couple can try a role reversal, with the female partner using a wearable phallus and the male partner bending over and entering slowly, allowing access to the mysterious P-point.

Super Ecstasy "Backside"4: Frog Pose

Female partner squat, feet close to the ground, this position is very suitable for playing chrysanthemum, recommend the stable people try again.

Super Ecstasy "Backside" 5: Unicycle

If the physical and muscular endurance is good enough, this change of position must be tried. This position requires the strength of the woman's arms and the man's sense of balance.

Super Ecstasy "Backside" 6: Double happiness

Partners seeking extreme pleasure must try to fill two holes! Have the male partner use another finger or sex toys to simulate the front and back of the two small holes. Leave one free hand to rub your partner's body.

inside job sex machina
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