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Let the man take the lead when it comes to sex? And women feel confident enough to make men feel good on it! You can control the strength, speed and Angle of the force, so that the dragon can more accurately hit your G-spot, enjoy the feeling of being a queen, as fast as you want, as hard as you can, to ensure that you wet the sky!

Female upper sex position tip 1. Deep position control yourself

In the upper can more stimulate your sensitive zone, if you can't accurately find their G-spot at the beginning, you can first back and left slow shaking, will be able to find your most comfortable zone! Another reason girls don't like being on top is, "It's too deep!" If you feel that his dragon is too deep for your comfort, you can lean back slightly and support yourself with your hands or elbows. This position is like "missionary".

Female upper sex position tip 2: Arbitrarily shake to comfortable on the right

After finding the most comfortable Angle, how to shake should also be a problem for many girls. You can use your leg muscles and core to rock up and down, or use your attractive body to rock back and forth. Propping your hands up on the bed will also help you adjust the frequency and pace of rocking to your comfort level.

Female upper sex position tip 3: "Quasi-missionary" postures let you feel unprecedented stimulation!

Shaking on it will get tired easily, so you just need to adjust your breathing. Love when breathing is usually more rapid, but this time you have to control breathing, deep breathing, will not be so tired! You can also get your partner to push gently and slowly, and you do it in the "missionary" style mentioned earlier. Not only will you not get tired, but it will also show your partner that you trust him or her.

Female upper sex position tip 4: Exercise your body muscles at ordinary times

Sex uses a lot of muscles, so you can exercise your legs and core on a regular basis, giving you the freedom to control your muscles while having sex, making the process longer, stronger and more enjoyable!

Female upper sex position tip 5: reverse riding is OK

Think of yourself as a sexy cowgirl, and his dragon is your mount! Turn around and shake your honey butt in his face. This position will make you feel adventurous and make his eyes more enjoyable!

Female upper sex position tip 6: Use sex toys

Some girls have a hard time reaching orgasm when they're on top, so it's important to use sex toys. There are even sex toys for both men and women, with uniquely shaped massagers that can satisfy both your honey hole and his dragon.

After reading the above suggestions, I believe that the girls have more understanding of the female position! In fact, as long as you pay attention to the strength and Angle of the posture, you don't have to fear both sides will hurt or uncomfortable, but can let you enjoy the process of love more to the heart's content oh, take advantage of this romantic season with your partner to have a hot sex!

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