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When sex happens, women have sexual desire first. The level of sexual desire directly affects the quality of sex. Only by maintaining strong sexual desire can they complete sex well. There are many factors that affect sexual desire in daily life, and we need to pay attention to them, because when sexual desire is halved, we have no more mood to think about sex.

What we need to do is to avoid these factors.

5 Things that interfere with a woman's libido:

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1. "Lubrication" situation. "Lubrication" difficulties are common at every age, and the proportion of the situation increases significantly after menopause. yin dryness can be caused by a variety of factors, such as dehydration, taking certain medications, breastfeeding, or hormonal changes during menopause.

2. Painful intercourse. Multiple studies have found a significant link between women's libido and pain, with 21% of women worldwide saying no to sex because of painful intercourse. If a woman experiences pain during sex, she becomes hyper-alert to the pain, causing her libido to plummet.

3. Marital feelings. When a relationship cools, a woman's libido diminishes or disappears. For women, sex isn't fun when the relationship isn't working out, but for men it's not as easy to see.

4. Just had a baby. A woman's low libido can be caused by physical exhaustion after giving birth, concerns about her body, and sometimes severe depression. Breastfeeding also reduces testosterone production, reducing a woman's need for sex.

5. Addicted to the computer. A number of studies have shown that the invasion of computers, mobile phones and other electronic products in the bedroom can seriously harm sex. Using a computer before bed can lower a man's libido by 30 per cent and can trigger a relationship situation, a study has found.

6. The environment is too messy. Living in a messy, poorly ventilated, overcrowded environment can easily kill a woman's libido. Very several generations of people living together in the same room, or sleeping with their children in the same bed, will form invisible psychological pressure, easy to cause loss of libido.

These are the five factors that affect women's sexual desire. Sexual desire is necessary for sexual life. The level of sexual desire will directly affect sexual feelings. Maintaining good sexual desire has a great impact on sexual love.

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