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When it comes to cancer, it's confusing. So, people are trying to figure out why people get cancer, and why are those cancer patients young people?

In fact, it has been known for a long time that cancer is caused by poor diet and poor lifestyle habits. But we don't know exactly which bad habits are the "time bombs" that trigger cancer.

The two most common types of cancer in women are both linked to men. As a woman, you must be vigilant, do not be careless!

Cervical cancer: Sexual disorder

Research has found that women who start having sex too early, have sex too often, have too many partners or have poor hygiene during sex are more likely to develop cervical cancer. In addition, if the male foreskin is too long, it can also put sexual partners at risk of cervical cancer

Breast cancer: Sexual incompatibility

Studies have found that women who marry later or never marry are more likely to get breast cancer, which has a lot to do with endocrine disorders caused by sexual incompatibility and long-term mental depression. Women who had more miscarriages were also more likely to develop breast cancer.

5 Things to look for in a healthy sex life

1. Sex should not be too early

Premature sexual life for women's health impact is very big, if because of premature sexual life and multiple pregnancy abortion, it may also affect fertility, so sexual life must not be premature.

2. Regular sexual partners

Both men and women should have regular sexual partners to avoid the health risks of having too many.

3. Don't have sex too often

Sex life is not too frequent, should be sex the next day both sides do not feel tired for the principle.

If the female after sexual life appears low back pain, low back acid, lower abdomen drop distension or mental uneasiness, may suggest sexual life is too frequent, had better reduce times.

The normal frequency of sex is:

20-30 years old: 3 times a week;
Age 30-40: twice a week
40-50 years old: once a week;
Over 50:1-2 times per month.

4. Pay attention to health during sex

5. Menstruation is not suitable for sex

During menstruation, because the endometrium falls off and the uterine wall will produce wounds, so it is more prone to infection. At this time, the sex life is easy to cause endometritis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory and other gynecological diseases because of infection.

Small reminder, reasonable husband and wife life can not only meet the physiological needs of both men and women, but also maintain the flavor of the relationship between husband and wife. But whether a woman or a man, in the marital matter, must pay attention to the above several issues. Do not have unclean, excessive and intemperate sex life.

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