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Dog style

As one of the main poses in adult videos, the dog crawl is not to be missed. She's on her hands. You go in the back. This position not only satisfies the depth of penetration, but also allows you to experience the most animalistic and rough sex possible. Low difficulty coefficient, high orgasm success rate.

Tip: This pose can also make some women feel a lack of intimacy, since there isn't much communication other than you pumping behind her back. So you can try some "dirty language" for stimulation, or a gentle pull on her hair, which can really be an appropriate pat on her buttocks.

In any sexual position, it's okay to be selfish for yourself once in a while, but always remember to stick to the "she's good to you" rule to make it easier for her.

The best way to improve a guy's "performance" is to find a position where you can make her cool. Today, Bian Xiao tells you the six coolest poses, especially the highest poses for men. This is great. Men should be happy, too.

As always, we would like to thank all of you, especially the male friends, for your tireless efforts to improve the quality of sexual intercourse. It is because of your constant pursuit of better "sex" that many women experience orgasm. So, give back today and tell you something that makes you feel high on the pedestal with her, but more importantly as a human being.

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Riding Position

This is a classic pose that will stand the test of time, and it's also an experience that can achieve the highest levels of intercourse and enhance pleasure for both partners. The simplest reason why this is mostly about getting guys to like her is that she moves! Of course you have to cooperate and assist, but in this position, she does most of the "physical" work. This means you can lie back in comfort and enjoy an orgasm while the spring colors flicker in front of you.

Tip: If she's not particularly open-minded, you can suggest she do it with her back to you.

Bend your hips.

For most men, the depth of penetration is an important indicator of sex, but some traditional postures may not be the best way to meet this need. In this pleasure-oriented male position, she simply hunches down on a sofa or some other comfortable piece of furniture, raises her hips and spreads her legs, and the depth of penetration is no longer an issue.

Tip: If she complains that the pose isn't intimate enough, you can lean forward and press your chest against her back so she feels like it's a two-person affair, rather than "sacrificing" yourself for your pleasure.

Double layer

This is another position that makes penetration easy. You lay down, her legs spread, and she's on your back. By holding her thigh firmly, you can control the depth, rhythm and Angle of thrusting with relative ease.

Tip: This position can easily throw her off balance when used in a wild moment, so make sure to hold her legs tight.

90° Leg Position

Lay her on her back and lift her legs until they are at a 90-degree Angle to her body. You kneel down in front of her and press her legs tightly against your chest. This position satisfies the depth of penetration while keeping her legs together and feeling tighter than before.

Tip: Sometimes, when a man's excitement is used in this position, her back will be raised too high to be supported by the mattress and become uncomfortable. So, no matter how tall you are, remember not to let her lose support and waste her pleasure.


Similar to the riding position, this is a position that is mostly controlled by her. You need to sit cross-legged on the bed (the floor will work, but trust me, the floor really isn't as high as the bed) and have her sit on your lap with her legs folded over your waist. This is when she twitches up and down to share the orgasm with you. If she finds it difficult to jerk up and down, then pushing forward and back is also a good direction.

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