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They say scarcity is valuable, and so is orgasm. Orgasm, it seems, is always an unattainable peak. For women, there are the best, but not enough to make sex pale. Men, on the other hand, can orgasm easily, but not early or late, because their orgasm represents ejaculation. All men and women in the world want to feel the thrill of orgasm. The following methods may work for you. Try them:


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1. Relax your body

Relax your leg and hip muscles. During sex, ejaculation is controlled by PC muscles. The muscles in the buttocks and thighs are also tense. While it is thought that the aforementioned muscle tension can increase pleasure, it can also make orgasm happen faster. So, relaxing these muscles as much as possible can help delay the onset of orgasm.

2. Pay attention to body posture

During sex, orgasm is easier to control if you and your partner adopt female-on-male positions. When a man is on top, his whole weight is on his penis and his body moves up and down or side to side constantly, causing muscle tension. While this can be pleasurable, controlling orgasm is not easy.

3. Use laryngeal breathing.

Men can prolong sex by adjusting their breathing, such as laryngeal breathing. This is a method of breathing in yoga. It's kind of like breathing through your nose, but slower and gentler. The idea is to relax your whole body, focus on your nose, and slowly adjust your breathing so that it is calm and rhythmic. After a period of time, put the idea on the throat, gently contract the throat muscles, while making a "hehe" sound, like a baby snoring gently while sleeping. The whole breathing process should be slow and deep. It is said that this skill is reserved for men. When the erect penis reaches the fully moist vagina, it is ready for use. It allows men to freely control their breathing, prompting women to orgasm and emergency control before ejaculation.

4. No orgasm

Break the idea that sex doesn't have to be orgasmic. And the more you worry about it coming early, the easier it is to speed it up. Therefore, try to end sex before ejaculation. After a few times, you'll be able to tell the difference between sex and orgasm, and it'll be much easier to control.

5. Empty your urine

Before sex, go to the bathroom to empty the urine can control orgasm. Because the bladder is right next to the prostate, which can cause ejaculation, if your bladder is full of urine, it's easier to ejaculate and more difficult to control.

6. Build your confidence

There are many factors that affect ejaculation. Don't label yourself "premature ejaculation" just because you have one or two. The more worried you are, the more likely you are to lose control during sex. Even if you do find that you have sexual dysfunction, it is important to communicate with your partner in time to find a cure.

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