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The oncoming sexology information is all to the vast number of netizens to "sell" a variety of love skills and postures, as an article said, "sex postures - two years to try to finish", really make people at a loss! In fact, most people only have one type of sex most of the time. That is, the woman lies on her back with her legs spread, and the man is positioned directly above the woman and between her legs. The genitals may be joined from the front.

Not only is it the most popular way of making love, but it is also the most basic way of making love, and it is the only way of making love that is human. It's the most basic way of having sex because there are many ways of having sex, but there are generally two kinds of sex: from the front or from the back. All positive sex has evolved from this type of sex. It's a unique form of lovemaking, because other animals never use frontal sex. It's a human thing. There was even a Western biologist who argued that apes evolved into humans by walking upright because it was easier for them to mate head-on. There's a lot of truth to this. The popularity of this common form of sex is due to the fact that it does have many advantages.

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One is to facilitate communication between spouses. Communication between spouses is very important for sex. The positive approach was significantly more conducive to understanding each other's feelings than the negative approach; The other is that you can have closer physical contact. The female sex zone (that is, the part that causes excitement easily) is the place where the skin mucous membrane is relatively concentrated. For example: labia, nipples, lips, etc. In this way of making love, in addition to the genitals can touch each other, lips, nipples can also be close contact.

Sexual stimulation is omnidirectional. The third is to facilitate the compression of the symphysis pubis. The pubic symphysis is the part of the abdomen where women exert force, and men will feel it very clearly. Actually, this is the sex zone. A firm press on this area can give a woman sustained pleasure. Note that you won't get this effect in any other sex position.

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