Best Sex Machine

It takes some skill for a woman to flirt with a man or get him to jump on you when he sees you. Men don't just want you to show a little more flesh to make the other side obey you like a obedient dog, but to take action to make the other side feel willing (after all, it is not a dog). Because men are naturally more controlling, getting a man to satisfy your desires in bed is a learning curve. Check out following sex tips to get a man crazy in bed.


1. Free yourself up and flirt with your body

If you don't know how to get started, start touching yourself or your partner to spark desire. If your needs are very strong, or you have a special preference, you might as well try some sex toys, or generous to serve each other, this will attract more men's interest.

2. A loving attitude

Men prefer to have sex with women who are interested and excited about sex. If you think sex is a gift for guys, this attitude will turn men off!

3. Conversion between control and controlled

Men like to be in control, but they don't like to be in charge all the time. In addition to getting bored easily after a while, they also felt as if they were blindly pressuring their partner. So when you start dominating him, you may make him feel special and smitten. Women who know what men want are more attractive. They can even use things like ropes and handcuffs to add fun and "sex".

4. Confidence is key

Confidence makes a woman look sexier. Regardless of how insecure you are, remember that your man is with you because he is attracted to you and wants to have sex with you. Men are visual animals, after all. A woman who can undress with confidence is more attractive than a woman who asks to turn off the lights first. If you feel uncomfortable, try soft lighting. But whatever it is, the other person probably won't notice or even care if you care about the local fat or orange peel. You might as well just enjoy the moment!

5. Make him feel wanted

Tell your guy "I want you" or something more explicit to let him know that you enjoy sex. Men will be happy. If you're too embarrassed to say it, try texting. If you don't want to be so direct, you can also stare at his buttocks or other areas that arouse your desire, or even touch him more often to let him know how attractive he is to you.

6. Use your words and your voice

In the course of a relationship, you might as well make him feel his charm with compliments or complimentary sentences, which will also ignite his interest in doing more for you. Plus, they love to hear your voice. Sometimes they might as well make a noise to show you're happy and make the other person feel like they're doing well.

What's more,you can also use sex machines and toys as a assistance.