Sex Machine For Couple

Haven't you been in love with your significant other for a long time? Maybe twice a week, but once every two weeks. With the baby, once a month is good now. Over time, I seem to get so used to the asexual, I get so rusty when it comes to sex that I forget the sexual implications of my partner's eyebrows. A sexless marriage is defined as one in which there is little or no sexual activity between two people. Although sex is not the whole story of marriage, it is a key part. Lack of sex not only affects the relationship between husband and wife, but also affects social harmony.

Sam Louie, a psychotherapist and the author of Psychology Today, also says that a marriage can have a potential emotional crisis because of a lack of sex. So, if you ignore your sex life, or even your partner's needs in your departmentalism, both partners will be afraid to say so. As time goes by, no matter how good the emotional foundation is, it is inevitable that there will be bad blood occasionally.

The welfare of sexual partners

Sex, which comes from human instinct, is taken for granted by those who crave pillow sex. During sex, the brain not only releases dopamine, it also makes the body feel hyper and happy. In addition, the hypothalamus secretes oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which enhances mutual trust and emotional connection between couples, helping to maintain close relationships.

Potential causes of sexless marriage

In today's high-stress, busy society, there are many factors that contribute to couples' asexual relationships, such as the stress of caring for work and family, which often forces both partners to suffer from "wanting to love but not being able to"; If a child is born, the focus may shift to the child, inadvertently neglecting to manage the sex life; Other couples don't have a good relationship at all. We often see from the news, the originally loving couple, turned into a lawsuit against the angry woman. What kind of sex can we talk about? Others, such as affairs, sexual dysfunction, etc. Is the underlying cause of sexless marriage. Suggest more attention.

What about a sexless marriage?

Since sex can be bonding and healthy, if you're both interested in boosting your sex life, here are some things to consider:

  1. Talk about your sex life: Sometimes, even though your partner is nominally the person you sleep with, they're shy about talking about sex. At this point, find a time when you're both free to talk about the importance of sex and your needs. I believe that being straight and honest will help you in the future.
  2. Plan Your sex life: Many people complain that busy lives, lack of time, or "lack of sex" make sex unsatisfying. But sex can never be turned on by working before bed and swiping your phone. In many cases, it takes both parties to work together or overcome all difficulties to create romance together. Pick a romantic time of year once in a while (Valentine's Day or anniversary) where you both get dressed up and meet at a restaurant for your first date or see a movie. I believe that the feeling of being in love will come alive again, and the moments of affection will accompany you. Remember to put down your phone and let the endless love talk really touch your partner's nerves and boost your libido for the rest of your relationship.
  3. The concept and technique of delicate sex: In fact, when sex is lacking, it may not be that the other half has no needs, but the previous sexual experience makes the other side feel uncomfortable, such as pain during sex, picky about the other side's sexual ability, may hurt the other side's heart, and naturally raise the vigilance of subsequent sex! If the other person has suffered sexual harassment or violence in the past, the trauma is deep, which can also cause fear of sex. This is the time to guide your intimate partner with more love and patience and seek professional help for long-term sex.
  4. Seek professional help: At present, some hospitals in Taiwan Province have set up "sex welfare clinics", where doctors or sex therapists help patients solve bed problems. Since professionals are already familiar with such topics from their daily sessions with patients about sex, they don't need to feel shy or ashamed when they set foot in the clinic. Suggest that they bring their significant other along for the diagnosis. After believing and professional personage humbly discuss, can better suit the case medicine,improve sexual life quality.

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