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Are you tired of having oral sex the same way? There's an old-school form of foreplay that's making a comeback in Europe, the U.S. and Japan. It's called "Teabagging" or "teabagging." It's a sex technique you and she should know!

We all know that modern women have different requirements for the duration of sex, and even their ideal sex time is three quarters of the time is foreplay, the remaining quarter is penetration, and the total time is less than 20 minutes, so in our age, penetration has become a highly rated sexual ability, foreplay is good or not. This is a good thing for men to do forever to improve the way they act (and how they act for you), whether in bed or in any other erotic fantasy location. The key is to be creative with sexual foreplay, which for many women is one of the most exciting and undeniably emotional ways to be alone with a partner, and a necessary part of the process before penetration.

Each couple has their own combination of foreplay, massages, petting, sucking... These are all great for warming up sex today, but now "teabags" have been added as a more enjoyable foreplay technique and have been described as highly erotic. We will explain to you what it is. !

1. How to start Teabags?

This technique focuses on the two parts of a man's body, which many people overlook as one of the most easily stimulated parts of the male body. What do you need? With a warm mouth and a deft tongue, it sets off a sensory revolution through practice and makes men all over the world go crazy.

It's not a male sex position per se, but a woman in a similar position can be a thrilling form of oral sex, even more so than penetration. In case you don't understand, English gentlemen in ancient times would not tell a lady to give her a blow job. Instead, they would say, "Sit on my face and let my tongue weigh you!" So the reader should know how to pose.

Hanging tea bags is a kind of foreplay played by women to help men. The posture is also that the man kneels with his knees folded so that the precious things are controlled on the top of her face. Please be careful to sit down and ruin her appearance. On Reddit in the US, different users have introduced different ways to play the game, but here's how it works:

  • Before the exercise, one of the most common positions was for her to lie on the bed with the boy kneeling on her head.
  • First, you crouch or kneel to bring the two pills slowly closer to her mouth
  • Next, a pellet slowly sinks into the girl's mouth.
  • Then, before you're rude enough to shove the two together in her cherry mouth, encourage her to caress the two with her tongue and fingers.
  • Remind her, be sure to warn her, boys that part is really super sensitive and fragile, never as if eating dried fruit bite, but to moisten the tongue caress.
  • Go ahead. Once the two are in, ask her to taste them while you entertain your penis with your hands.
  • Tip: Apply an edible lubricant or honey, or even peanut butter, to spice things up.
  • Over: You weigh her with your tongue!

2. Where did the name "teabag" come from?

Its English name suggests the British habit of putting the tea bag into the cup. The tea bag is gently pulled up and down with the fingers, so the process can actually be repeated for ten seconds each round, so that her mouth and tongue will not be stiff, which gives a man a very pleasant and exciting pleasure.

Again, be nice to her and she'll return the favor.

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