Sex Machine Women

Whether the environment the penis enters is moist and smooth is also directly related to whether the penis is able to fight a long time.Therefore, adequate foreplay is not only to make the partner a better experience, but also to create a good environment for your own penis.

Here we share some common and advisable techniques for foreplay.

1.Please your partner psychologically

A man may be able to think with his lower body at this time, but a woman cannot. A woman must feel and love in order to have a better experience. So the first step a man should take is to give her love and make her feel trusted and dependent. Psychologically, women are only willing to commit their bodies to their partners when they feel secure and trustworthy. Of course, if a man's desire is in the air, he will readily accept foreplay offered by a woman.

2.Start a gentle attack

In the strong, powerful men, in the foreplay should also control their strength, with tenderness to win. Especially at the beginning of the attack, it must be a gentle attack. You can think of the female body as a musical instrument. At the beginning of playing, please gently twist and knead gently. Women need emotional and mental caress and teasing to turn them on, so slow down and caress gently, moving from the farthest part of the body to the most important part.

3.Kiss and caress

Kissing and caressing are important foreplay techniques that men love. But if kissing and caressing aren't intense enough, making them go hand in hand can double a woman's pleasure. Men in addition to the lips and tongue, earlobes, neck, back, chest and other commonly known sensitive areas, do not ignore the fingers and toes, armpit, inner thigh, elbow and knee joints inside the soft areas. While kissing, the hands should also keep pace with each other, using a variety of "fingering" techniques, such as finger stroking, fingertip rotation, finger pressing, digging, and moving in and out, in all imaginable and untapped sensitive areas. Hand and mouth use, bring different happiness to women.

4.Help her masturbate

Women can peak during foreplay by masturbating. After the peak, the body becomes more sensitive and more likely to experience the new peak in the following sex. So a man might as well help a woman masturbate at the speed she likes.

Of course, everyone has physical differences, so after understanding and familiar with their partner's body to find more suitable foreplay techniques, for their own tinkering to create a more comfortable environment, can be matched with appropriate delay products, improve the quality of life.

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