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Do you remember the first time you took off each other's clothes.

When you're in a relationship for a long time,you can be physically and sensitively aware of each other,but be careful,too much familiarity can secretly kill the passion between you.Every time,it's the old man pushing the cart.Occasionally,the partner wants to experience a different kind of stimulation and orgasm in a new position. The beginning of sex is always a gentle kiss and hug, but your partner may silently expect, wild to be thrown down by you.

Here are five ways to add excitement and excitement to your sex with your partner and make each of you look forward to a night of cuddling each other every day.

Let's love somewhere else: the bathroom, the dinner table, the field

Always doing the right thing in bed? Try having sex somewhere else! Leaving an environment where you feel comfortable and safe, the uneasiness of being in an unfamiliar environment or possibly being snooped on, can stimulate your senses and make you more sensitive during sex.

Try having quiet sex in the bathroom, looking in the mirror at each other's happy gestures. Or at the dinner table, spread your legs and let your partner enjoy your rich, moist private parts; To get even more exciting, have some exciting sex in an empty stairway or in a sparsely populated field. Let the sun beat down on your bare breasts and the wind blow on your hips, and you'll find that sex is such a exciting and beautiful thing.

Good sex is all about the atmosphere: candles, music, Dirty words

Sex is not a simple thrusting exercise, want to experience a happy sex, the atmosphere plays a very important part.

Try a scented candle. The yellow light and soothing scent can help couples relax and enjoy each other's kisses and touches. Soothing and sexy music not only fills the space with a relaxed atmosphere, but also allows your partner to cry out freely. Every breath and anger can superimpose your desire. And don't forget to whisper Dirty, sexy words in each other's ears. "I want you to come in", "I want you to lick me" these words listen to the partner in the ear, absolutely crisp, can not help but want to deeply into you.

Instead of the same old cliches, try the ballerina pose, the advanced sitting pose, and the reverse sandwich pose.

Repeating the same old phrases can take away the freshness and anticipation of monotonous sex. Learn a few new positions on the secret, and surprise your partner with an invitation to try them out the next time you have sex. This will stimulate the fun and bring back the intimacy of the relationship.

Here are three new poses to try next time with your partner:

  • Ballerina Pose: Unlike lying in bed in a static position, ballerina pose is a standing position that stimulates different parts of the vagina during thrusting, allowing you to enjoy different orgasms.
  • Sitting advanced version: This position is an extension of the classic female upper, the beginning of the classic sitting position of the female upper, and then the back to the back, the head is placed between the legs of the partner, then the partner can lean in to kiss the female partner's breasts, abdomen, and increase the sense of intimacy at the same time.
  • Riding inverted sandwich stick pose: The same starting point with the classic woman on top, but back to the partner to sit up, in addition, let the partner bend one side of the knee, the woman's legs across his thighs, so that during sex, the woman can also by rubbing the partner's body, feel the clitoris pleasure

Foreplay should be adequate and wet enough not to hurt each other: caressing, oral sex, lube.

During sex, don't forget to have good foreplay so that you can slowly build up desire and enjoy the pleasure of sex.Don't put in, orgasm as the purpose of sex, enjoy the process of caressing partner intimacy, from his ears, all the way down licking kiss, neck, chest, belly, let the partner feel from your lips came the feeling of numbness, and then down, licking partner private parts, like playing precious toys, for the partner oral sex, feel the partner's breathing and comfortable expression. In the process of caressing and oral sex each other can get more wet, the sex will not hurt each other.

Also, having a bottle of lube on hand will help speed up the wetting of each other and increase your partner's desire. In addition to general lubricants, you can also choose flavored oral sex lubricants to increase the stimulation of taste.

Bring in the "third party" to reignite the arousal: egg jump, massage stick, masturbation cup.

male anal toys

After trying to create atmosphere and changing positions, you still want to have new sexual stimulation and experience with your partner. It is recommended that you let the "third party" join in! Through sex toys, to increase the interest of sex and bring more surprising sensory experience.

If you are a junior player who just stepped into the world of sex toys,it is recommended that you start with egg jumping.Clitoral stimulation can bring more orgasm than vaginal penetration.The different vibration and mode of egg jumping can also increase the intimate interaction between you and your partner,so that your partner can control the strength of egg jumping,leading you to the paradise of constant orgasm!

After you get used to the help of sex toys, you can also try vibrating massage sticks and telescopic massage sticks. When women use massage sticks, they can also explore their own bodies, feel where your G-spot is, and what kind of thrusting can give you more pleasure. Next time you have sex with your partner, you can lead him to explore the wonderful world of orgasm with you.

Male partners can also purchase a masturbation device, while separated from their loved ones, still can have hot sex with themselves through the masturbation cup, enjoy the thrill of orgasm.

But don't forget, after using sex toys, remember to use toy cleaning products and clean your toys so that the next time you want to use them, they will give you a good orgasm and sex experience.